5 Ways to Fight Frizz

ways to fight frizz

When it comes to managing dreadlocks, frizz is always going to be one of the biggest and most annoying problems you have. Frizz will come and go with seasons and some years will be worse than others, while some better than all of them.

Frizz comes from a number of issues, one of the most is from a new, fresh head or dreadlocks. However, there are many other causes like dryness, breakage and more. Though those are not the only things that cause frizz, it’s how you deal with that frizz that’s most important.

Let’s face it, frizz-free dreads look better and feel better. Frizz often is the cause of lots of frustration when they don’t act or look the way we want. When it comes to getting smooth, stylish dreads, fighting frizz these five ways is just the start.

Consistent Cleaning

One of the best ways to avoid this frizz is by ensuring that your cleaning and washing routine is good. This routine will be different for each person, but working hard to find a schedule that works best for you is very helpful. Most people with dreads find that once or twice per week is sufficient, while some need more washes or less. Being consistent with your washing is going to help eliminate dryness and grease from your scalp, therefore, keeping the hair near the same place.

Sleeping with Silk

A second way that will help you fight and avoid frizz is worrying about how you sleep. First and foremost, you should never sleep with your hair wet, or even damp. This can cause the moisture to stay inside the dread and start to smell and rot. After making sure your hair is fully dry before bed, wrap your dreads in a silk scarf or invest in a silk pillowcase. The silk is much softer and less abrasive than other fabrics and while you’re tossing and turning in the night, the frizz won’t be there when the sun rises.

The Right Oils

While the use of wax is not recommended for a number of reasons, oils are different. Certain oils, the right oils, can decrease the amount of frizz you are experiencing too. A few drops of oils that are healthy for hair follicles at the roots of the hair will smooth out the frizz and actually help grow and repair any damage to new hair. Choosing the right oil is important but it’s also key to know when and how much. Start with small amounts and learn what’s right for your dreads.

Clarifying Shampoo

As you probably have heard, a good quality clarifying shampoo is one of the greatest keys to having healthy, shiny hair, whether it’s in dreads or not. The shampoo you choose is one of the first key decisions you will make and if your shampoo leaves you frizzy then it might be time to switch. A good clarifying shampoo will cleanse the scalp without drying it out or leaving residue and will help the hair hold together by keeping the hair strands strong and clear of leftover oils.

Keeping the Roots Tight

Finally, maybe of the easiest ways to prevent frizz is by fighting at the roots. Your hair will continue to grow with dreads and you need to be diligent in making sure that the roots are staying strong and bound together. If the roots start to grow too long, they will lose and hairs will break off and give you a nice halo of fuzz. To prevent this, once or twice a month, take the time to crochet in or just tease and roll the roots of your hair into the rest of the dreadlock. This will prevent frizz and breakage and will make for healthier dreadlocks in the long run.

Every person has different hair and each type and texture and length of hair will react differently when it comes to frizz, but these five tools and tips will help almost every hair type look smooth and clean. Frizz is no fun and your dreads are a big investment. Take the time and patience to ensure that you are keeping your hair clean and protected. Doing some, if not all, of these things, will not only prevent frizz but will give you nice healthy locks long after.

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