5 Ways To Make Your Dreads Grow Faster

5 Ways To Make Your Dreads Grow Faster

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dreads-faster-01Nothing beats the classic, culture-rich appearance of dreadlocks. But if you’re looking to sport this hairstyle, you’ll have to be patient and wait for your hair to grow. In the meantime, however, you can speed up the process by following the tips below.

Get Your Scalp Massaged

Having your scalp massaged will stimulate blood flow to your head (and your dreads), pumping nutrients to the follicles while making them grow faster. And one of the great things about scalp massages is that you can do yourself. The next time you’re sitting around the house watching TV, gently massage your scalp using your fingers. Doing this for just 5-10 minutes per day will encourage faster, healthier hair growth.


Stress affects nearly every organ and system in the human body, including hair growth. When you are stressed, your body will produce an abundance of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, which is believed to slow down hair growth and even cause hair to fall out in extreme cases. If you’re looking to grow dreads in less time, try some deep-breathing exercises to lower your stress levels.

Eat Right

As the adage goes, you are what you eat, holds true when speaking of dreads. People who choose convenient fast food burgers over freshly cooked meals are more likely to experience problems such as slow hair growth. Hair needs vitamin and nutrients to remain healthy and grow at a normal pace, which is why it’s important to eat right. Focus your diet around lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruit, and whole grains to keep your dreads healthy and growing.

Apply Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

Castor oil is loaded in essential fatty acids – the good kind of fat – while coconut oil contains a plethora of beneficial vitamins. If you’re looking to speed up the growth of your dreads, try mixing a 50/50 solution of castor oil with coconut oil and applying it to your hair. After leaving it in your hair for roughly half an hour, wash it out. Continue doing this daily for a couple of weeks and you should notice an improvement in the length of your dreads.

Get a Good’s Night Sleep

It’s estimated that nearly half of the American population don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is important for a number of reasons: it relieves stress, wards off fatigue, improves mental clarity, supports the immune system, and encourages the growth of hair. The bottom line is that you need a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night to sustain healthy, fast-growing dreads.

  1. Also, I find that vitamins A & E help. After attempting to eat better, sleep a bit more regularly, & take vitamin supplements, my hair grew a lot faster!

  2. Been dreaed about a year now, my hair appear to be growing just not fast enough…How often should I get them retwist?


  4. I want you to hlp me my dreads grow fast pleas

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