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partial dreads

There are so many people with questions about dreads. And questions are good because the answers are one of the only ways to know if you think dreads might be right for you. Without asking questions, those who might want to try dreads would jump into it and may regret it not knowing what to expect.

For those of you who might still be on the fence about getting dreads, you have options. You can try things and test new techniques to see if dreads are going to be right for you without taking the plunge into the deep end. One of the ways you can do this is by getting partial dreadlocks.

What are they?

Partial dreads are exactly what they sound like. They are still dreads, but they are placed in specific parts of your hair. They are sometimes singular or not but are spread out among your regular, non-dreaded hair.

Normally, people place partial dreads under their hair, close to the neckline or tucked behind their ears. That way, they are easy to hide but still give you the feeling of having dreads.

Why would I want these?

You might consider partial dreads if you are considering dreads but cannot make yourself do your full head. This is the halfway point to test what you will think of dreadlocks and get an idea about the maintenance of them.

Some people only have one or two partial dreads and keep them in for a long time before they make a choice to go full dreads. They are going to teach you the fundamentals of what having dreads is going to be like and what kind of things are going to be necessary to care for them.

How do I care for them differently?

This is an important question despite the fact that you might only have one or two partial dreads done. You will notice that not only will your dreads feel different than the rest of your hair, but they will make the rest of your hair feel different too if you aren’t careful.

Partial dreads have the tendency to get attached to and dread with the hair surrounding it. This means that you should take some time every day to separate them and style each of them separately. They will also require slightly different washing methods. If you have a full head of dreads, you will not want to wash them more than a few times per week.

With regular hair, this might not be feasible. When you are washing your regularly, non-dreaded hair, try to separate the dread, maybe wrap it in plastic, or use another technique to make sure you aren’t washing the dread as often as you are the rest of your hair. This can cause the dread to loosen.

All in all, trying partial dreads are going to be one of the best methods to try if you are considering getting dreads. There are some people who just know they want dreads and are ready to commit, while others want to test the waters for many reasons. Partial dreads are a great way to see if you are ready for dreads and take a test drive with a totally awesome hairstyle without fearing regret.

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