Are Dreads Right For Me?

are dreads right for me

There are hundreds of questions that come through each day about dreadlocks and in all truth, it’s a great thing. Asking questions is the best way to know and understand if something is going to be a good decision for you before it’s actually done.

“Are dreads right for me?” is one of the most popular questions and also one of the most challenging to answer. Instead, to answer this question you can answer some follow-up questions for yourself to determine, based on these answers, if dreads really are right for you.

Are you ready for a change?

If you are looking for something fresh and new, then this might be a good choice. Dreads aren’t permanent but they are a big change in most cases. Because of all the styles and accessories that you can use with dreads, they will not be as boring as you might think. You can color them, cut them, grow them out, add beads or other jewels in your hair, and more to keep things changing even while you have dreads.

Common misconceptions are that dreads can only look one way, but that’s never been further from the truth. You can do many things to enhance the look of your dreads and be as creative as you want.

Are you allowed?

This is another very big and important question. While the times are changing and opinions about dreads along with many other more alternative style choices, there are still some companies and jobs that will not allow this hairstyle.

You will need to make this choice for yourself based entirely on your own personal circumstances. The most important part is to at least consider what affect dreads might have on your lifestyle. Maybe it’s bosses, parents, and other influences, but getting dreads should not inhibit you from doing something you love or need to do.

Will they work with your lifestyle?

Your lifestyle choices will also have an impact on the choice to get dreads or not. First and foremost, they require different care and needs. If you are a parent, dreads can work for you with the right planning. Likewise, if you are a traveler, dreads can also work for you with the right planning.

While your lifestyle might be enhanced by getting dreadlocks, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of dreadlocks too to ensure they are not putting stress on your lifestyle that can be a bit more challenging to change than your hairstyle.

Are you prepared for big occasions?

Finally, when you are ready to make the choice about dreads, you are making a choice that will impact the immediate future. Graduations, weddings, special events and more are likely to come in the next six months to a year which is the time it will take for your dreads to fully form.


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