Clarifying Shampoo: Your New Best Friend

There are hundreds of thousands of hair products on the market that all promise to give you this or that. Being a part of the Dread community does not exempt you from these ploys to make you spend money.

Now, while there are so many hair products to choose from, there are some amazing products out there that can make your life so much easier in your hair care- specifically for those with dreadlocks.

We have all heard the back and forth about wax and it is still a heated topic in the Dreading community but we want to instead, offer a super alternative that will help make the choice between wax or other products easier.

Wax has its place here and there and has been one of the “go-to” items for most people with dreads but with more research, trials, and experiences, some are finding that there is an alternative to wax that will help keep everything on your head healthier.

Clarifying shampoo is a simple product. Let’s break it down to what it does, how it helps, and why you might consider trying a clarifying shampoo versus another product on the market.

What Does a Clarifying Shampoo Do?

Put simply, a clarifying shampoo makes things really, really clean. Like, squeaky clean. You can find more about this product and why you should start using it right away instead of using other products that caused tons of issues. Trust us, we’ve been there.

A clarifying shampoo is going to de-gunk your hair. And you might be thinking if this stuff cleans my hair, won’t it make it harder to dread? The answer to that is no, actually! Having squeaky clean hair is actually easier to dread when it really dried out and they look so much better!

How A Clarifying Shampoo Can Save Your Dreads

When we wash our dreads, it is so important to make sure they are completely dry before we sleep or cover them. It’s tough to do sometimes but failing to do this causes way more issues than you want to deal with.

The science behind the clarifying shampoo is to clean and clean deeply. We have heard some horror stories of nasty gunk and build up not only on your dreads but actually inside them. Without proper care and maintenance, they can actually get moldy! This product will help kick start a successful maintenance routine from the very first days with your dreads. From there, test more products if you like and find out what works best for you.

Why Would I Choose to Use This?

A clarifying shampoo is actually a much more natural way to dread your hair. As we have shared many times, dreads work better when things are really clean. This shampoo helps to achieve that. We also find that through some unfortunate trials and huge errors on our part, that this works better and is much cleaner than a wax-like product.

In the end, it does have to be your decision. Our only goal is to share our stories and triumphs that will hopefully help someone along their dreading journey. With so many products to choose from, trying new things is a good idea, but remembering to come back to the simple basics of maintaining clean, healthy, and great-looking dreadlocks is always the end goal.


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  1. What’s the best store to buy clarifying shampoo at and should you start off with a haircut to remove all the buildup in your hair?

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