Dreadlock Hairstyle for Bridesmaids

Recently I was in a wedding as a bridesmaid, and had to come up with a quick style for my dreads the morning of the wedding. There was no hair plan whatsoever, which is how I often roll. The great thing about dreadlocks is that, when they are long enough, you can whip them up and do practically anything. I would argue – and I have non-dreadies confirm this – that dreadlocked hair is in fact more flexible than unlocked hair, basically because however you twist it around, it pretty much holds it shaped. So, that morning, I took literally 5 minutes and did a semi-up do. For safety’s sake, I secured it with a few ponytail holders, but I could have gone without. Check it out:

Bridesmaid Dreadlock Hair Style 1
Side View. Nice texture. This was before I poked the stray dreads back in.
Bridesmaid Dreadlock Hair Style 2
I was pleased with the top view, despite standing under the kitchen light and getting maximum shine on my forehead.


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