The Dreadlock Journey eBook: Conversations on Life, Love, and Locks

Being ever on the lookout for cool products, when I stumbled upon this e-book, written by Sara Janssen, it immediately caught my attention. It’s a dreadlock anthology, and is the only one of its kind I’ve managed to find (as of yet). I had to share! Read on if you want to learn more!


From, and in the words of the author:

“This dreadlock collective is the first anthology of its kind. Whether you’ve had dreads for years, are just starting out, or are simply curious why someone would want to do that to their hair!? this book is for you!

The Dreadlock Journey—Conversations on Life, Love, and Locks offers not only a yummy collection of locking stories but you will also read about different methods used, the emotional, spiritual, and practical pros and cons of dreadlocks, and a wealth of information to help you make empowered and informed choices about your own hair!

Think of The Dreadlock Journey as an insider’s guide that will demystify the process for you. It will give you the inspiration and confidence you need to begin!”

Written by Author (and former dreadie!) Sara Jansson


What Readers Are Saying:

“The Dreadlock Journey is such a luscious ebook. It’s beautifully written and absolutely gorgeous. It’s full of great information, inspiration, and encouragement for anyone who is on (or is considering embarking upon) their own dreadlock journey. I adore this book!”   – Beth


“Sara’s book was a joy to read and I finished it in one day!  It is such a great resource and it gave me the extra nudge to get my own dreadlocks! Beautiful people and stories make this book absolutely one of my favorites.”   – Brittney


“LOVED it! I love hearing about other experiences with dreads and hair! This ebook is especially great for those who don’t have dreads yet, and are on the fence about getting them, or just for those who want to know more about them. Reading this has definitely made me miss my own dreads!”   – Amanda


“The Dreadlock journey inspired me! For so long I have dreamed of  dreading my hair and reading all about different peoples experiences has  made me want to let go of my fear and do it  even more. Such a wealth of information and inspiration. The ebook is beautifully designed. Thank you for sharing your experience, your wisdom and the stories of all those beautiful dreaded people.” – Shelby


+ Top 10 Questions About Dreadlocks
+ Dreadlock Resources…all of Sara’s favorite stuff!
+ Sara tells the story of cutting off her dreads after 7 years



If you run into any problems downloading the book or would like to give feedback, please email author Sara Janssen here.

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