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  1. If I am using Mango Lime Tingle shampoo do I still need a conditioner? If so what is a good one?

  2. 818 Dread It depends on how soft or course your hair is. Generally, applying conditioner to your hair can potentially slow down the locking process, so I would recommend not applying a conditioner initially. See how your hair behaves. If it dries out excessively, you could try the Jamaican Mango Lime Conditioner, which is made for dreadlocks as well. Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for responding so quickly I am always trying to aquire knowledge on how to improve my dreads and how I take care of them. I have been growing them for 5 years now, they are shoulder length. A year ago I went to get a retwist and was told I had some roots that were thin and Ishould conjoin the thinner roots. Fast forward to a year later and the roots are thicker and stronger but I dont like two dreads coming from one root. What is your opinion on this I have cut a few of the smaller dreads connected to the root?

  4. 818 Dread  Happy to help! 🙂 I’ve been in the same boat and actually have a few of those 2-into-1 dreads in my head right now, lol. Honestly, I don’t mind, and very few people notice. And when they do, it’s never with disgust, maybe just mild curiosity that lasts about 5 seconds. And later on, if I can do it in a such a way that won’t damage the dread, sometimes I’ll just cut off the extra dread. Or sometimes I’ll leave it there.

    All of that to say, it’s TOTALLY up to you. It’s your head. 🙂

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