Dreadlock Tutorials

Dreadlock Tutorials (with videos)

Preparing for Dreadlocks: Select Your Category

»What are Dreadlocks?

»Synthetic Dreadlocks

»Preparing Your Hair for Dreadlocks

»Dreadlock Tools You Will Need

Starting Dreadlocks: Select Your Category

»Method 1: Back Combing Dreadlocks [WITH VIDEO].

»Method 2: Crocheting [WITH VIDEO]

»Method 3: Starting Dreadlocks with Braids [WITH VIDEO]

»Method 4: Start Dreadlocks with 2 Strand Finger Twists [WITH VIDEO]

Dreadlock Maintenance and Care: Select Your Category

»How to Wash Dreadlocks [WITH VIDEO]

»Moisturizing Dreadlocks [WITH VIDEO]

»Fuzzy Dreads: The Solution [WITH VIDEO]

»Tightening Dreads [WITH VIDEO]

»Loose Hair in Your Dreads: Various Solutions [WITH VIDEO]

»Nutrition for Healthy Dreads [WITH VIDEO]

»Perfect Your Dreadlocks [WITH VIDEO]

»How To Get Dreads Out [WITH VIDEO]

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