There’s a stigma out there that only people with long hair, or hair of a certain length, can get dreads and that’s just dead wrong.

While dreads on shorter hair require a bit more attention, in the beginning, it’s totally possible.

To get dreads for short hair there are a few different techniques and tricks to make sure they last and look just as healthy as those long locks.


One of the biggest issues with short-haired is understanding that dreads will shrink before they grow. This happens for anyone who gets dreads no matter what length your hair might be from the beginning.

Patience is a big factor with all people with dreadlocks because when your hair is dreaded for the first time, they will actually shrink before they grow. This scares people and is a premature reaction to want to remove them because they will not always look like what you had in mind when you wanted dread. However, how out and wait until they have had a few weeks, even months to settle into their new style and they will start to drop.


There are hair care tips that can cross borders to help any person with any type of hair but those with dreads need to pay close attention.

To care for dreads for people with short hair, pre-clean is going to be absolutely essential. Make sure that weeks leading up to your dread appointment that you are moisturizing your hair as much as possible. This will prevent dry, brittle hair which will, in turn, prevent breakage of your dreads.

During the time when you have your dreads put in, be sure to eat good food. Unhealthy or over processed food won’t give your body the right nutrients to make your hair grow long and healthy. Maintaining a good diet will do huge favors for your locs.


Finally, if you are feeling wild, a massage is a great way to simulate an area. No, a full-body massage isn’t really necessary but a head and scalp massage will encourage hair growth through stimulation. If you are lying in bed you can give yourself a massage but receiving one is also good if you have a close friend or partner.

All in all, getting dreads for short hair is possible. With the right care and concern taken pre and post dread input, no matter your hair length, you can totally rock a set of stellar dreadlocks. Have patience, take good care of your hair inside and out, and give yourself a little massage here and there to encourage those dreads to grow from short to stunning.

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