Dreads That Are Too Long?

Well, I never thought the day would come when my dreads became too long for me. Growing up as a kid with the typical straight permed, unhealthy hair that could barely grow past my shoulders, I dreamed of the day when my hair would touch (gasp) my waist. In my mind’s eye, I could see myself tossing my dark, luxurious main like a Disney princess, proud and beautiful.

Never did I imagine that this same hair would get caught in cabinet doors, become tangled up in purses, sample my food before I do, and be a general nuisance. However, I was soon to learn this once my dreads matured and grew, grew, grew. Fast forward to today, and I’ve just about had it with my waist length Disney hair. Not with dreads, mind you, but just the excessive length. Therefore, I decided to give myself a mild trim, which involved more technique than I expected. This post will be short because, well, I’m still in the process of trimming, but I will post more updates, soon, along with before and after photos. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ahh, I got fed up with the length of mine also, but more because with how short they are, and my having wavy Caucasian hair, you couldn’t even tell there were locs under all those waves! I decided to lack technique with this though, my end are very blunt stumps now. I look like the green haired version of raggedy andy! But I think it;s a fun change, and I’m sure my ends will be loose again after a few washes (Though, I pray, not nearly as loose at the ends as they were)

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