Four Reasons Why Dreads are Actually Good for You

There are obvious benefits from getting dreadlocks (like how awesome look), but you may not have thought about some of the other benefits that you can get from sporting this awesome hairstyle. And there are even some that don’t have anything to do with your hair!

1. Dreads Save You Time in the Long Run

Dreads Save Time

1. After the initial process of actually getting your dreads done, they will save you tons of time. Gone are the days waking up late and having no time to do your hair so it looks presentable. With dreads, they are so simple yet so versatile as well. There are tons of styles to choose from that can be appropriate for most workplaces. One of the most common questions I get is, “How long do you spend putting those in everyday?” Then, they usually add in, “It must take hours.” I love being able to reply that I spend, on average, minutes on my hair each day (if that). Minutes, people. Sure, starting my dreads were labor intensive, and on days wear I wash my hair the time commitment is obviously more than normal, but if you average it all out I only need minutes on the average day, ha!

2. Dreads Can Save You Crazy Money

Dreads Save Money

2. You can save a crazy amount of money if you care for them yourself. Yet another benefit that doesn’t directly affect your hair, but helps your wallet. You don’t have to spend loads of money on haircuts or trims every 2, 4 or 6 weeks. No more money wasted on buying expensive products or pricey treatments. You might be surprised to find out how much people really spend on these things and how quickly they add up. From my own personal experience, each visit cost anywhere from $75-$125…and this was back in the ’90’s! I visited the hairdresser every two weeks, and this lasted for about 13 years straight…You do the math! And I can only imagine what that would come out to considering today’s inflation and weakening of the dollar.

Even if you decide to pay to learn how to start and maintain them yourself from an online course, you’re still saving a ton of money in the long run. There’s nothing wrong with a little instruction and direction to make your journey easier.

3. Dreadlocks Give Your Hair a Break from Harsh Chemicals and Treatments

Dreads Give Your Hair a Break from Chemicals

3. Your hair can kiss harsh chemicals and treatments goodbye. We put our hair through so much damage during its lifetime. We fry it with curling irons, straighteners and who knows what else. But when your hair is dreaded (and maintained properly), it won’t be getting damaged in the same way. In fact, you should experience new, clean, and strong hair growth while you have dreads.

4. Dreadlocks Are Empowering

Dreadlocks Are Empowering

4. It’s empowering to take control of your hairstyle and cease relying on hairstylists to take care of you. As a kid, I remember being carted off to the hairdresser every two weeks like clockwork for my chemical-laden perm or conditioning maintenance. The hairstylists might as well have been working mysterious magic with their burning creams, tools, and doo-dads, because I had absolutely no idea what they were doing. I simply wanted them to “work their magic.” It really felt like my life was in their hands.

But fast forward years later, the process of successfully starting and maintaining my crown of dreads has taught me a self-confidence and self-reliance I’d previously not known. There’s nothing like taking your hair in your own hands!

With these four reasons (and many more benefits that were not mentioned) dreads can be a really great adventure. They can change up your lifestyle, your goals, your financial situation and more. Though they may seem like small impacts, making one choice like getting dreads can really challenge you to focus in on other aspects of your life which will have innumerable benefits.

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  1. You are beautiful! I love your dreads!

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