hair care and full body health

Your body is a wonderful machine, did you know that? Maybe you did, but you might have needed the reminder because there are some seriously incredible- and seriously simple- things you can do to help your body that will help so many other aspects as well.

For starters, you’re here because you want killer dreads, right? Well, did you realize that what you put in and on your body can have a huge affect on your hair? It’s true. What you eat and what you use on your hair are big factors in determining the growth, shine, and overall health of your dreads.


Not all people are like this but you probably know someone who is extremely rough with their hair. Dreaded or not, people are always ripping through it, burning it to a crisp, or tying it back so tightly that it’s bound to fall out.

You might even be one of those people. Regardless, it’s time to take a step back and to realize what damage your treatment, or lack thereof, might be doing to your hair. By making sure to have the proper tools, the right products, and the right mindset, you will start treating your hair better and your hair will treat you back. By choosing to be more gentle, massaging your hair, or being careful when using your hands, your hair will grow faster, look better, and feel better too.


Yes, what you eat matters too. Fast food and food with tons of artificial ingredients can have an affect on your hair. You might not always see it, but once you stop those habits, you will notice the difference.

For someone who is eating poor food and has a terrible diet, their dreads are often dry and brittle. They break easily and don’t bend when touched. They don’t do well when pulled back for fear they might fall out completely. As soon as you change your diet your hair follicles will grow in stronger and shinier and from that day forward, with a bit of patience, you will see a tremendous difference.


Though there are many products out there to use in your hair, if you are looking to stimulate growth and overall health along with a few other healthy habits you have started, the best products for your will come in the form of oils.

Castor Oil and Coconut Oil are two of the best in the hair realm. Castor oil is packed with nutrients and fatty acids that your hair will soak up in all the right ways. Likewise, Coconut Oil has more vitamins and fats that will help your hair balance itself and get that extra shine it has been missing.

If your health matters to you and if your dreads matter to you, it’s time for you to realize that they are more intertwined than you might have previously thought. Choosing to start healthy habits in the products you choose, the food you eat, and the way you treat your hair are the start of a healthier you all around. A few small changes week after week will start paying you back with better skin, hair, and overall attitude.

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