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Dreadlocks, as with any type, shape, and color of hair seems to take forever to grow! As with most people, you are probably always wondering if your hair is growing and how to make it grow faster. Though hair growth, in general, is a slow and patient process, it’s also important to know that there are a few things you can do to assist your internal systems that stimulate growth.

Add vitamins and minerals to your diet.

To kick-start hair growth, you need to kick-start your internal systems with vitamins and minerals. In all the foods you eat, you should be thinking about how it has an effect on your body on the inside and outside.

Paying close attention to what you put in your body will be the first step in seeing any outward changes. When it comes to hair growth, vitamin A and vitamin E will be critical factors that will need to make their way into your diet more intentionally. Foods high in vitamin A are oily foods like butters and fish. Similarly, Vitamin E plays a significant role in hair growth. You can find Vitamin E in nut butters and seeds.

Use oils lightly and sparingly.

In addition to adding oils and vitamins to your diet, you can also use them on your hair directly in sparse amount and over the course of various days and weeks. Using hair growth stimulating oils on your hair should be used with some amount of caution. You want to avoid using too much oil and causing hair that seems wet and heavy with oil because that will not get you the results you want.

A rare and minuscule amount of oil added to the dreads and to the roots sparingly will help the hair follicles repair themselves and will help stimulate the growth you want. Some of the most popular oils to use on dreads are Castor oil and Coconut oil. They smooth the hairs, strengthen, them and will give you a healthy shine when used correctly, too.

Eat more protein.

Finally, a third way to help hair growth is to eat more protein. It might surprise you that most of the tips on this list are more about ingesting than putting something on or in your hair. When in reality, what you put inside your body has much more of an effect on the outside appearance of your body that most people truly understand.

When it comes to protein, it’s the key building nutrient. When you workout, go running, do manual labor, people always recommend replenishing your body with foods that are high in protein because it rebuilds anything that was damaged or strained. That’s how muscles grow, how your fingernails grow, and how your hair grows too. Adding meat, high-protein beans, or other protein sources will keep your body, and your dreads growing strong.

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