6534734489_1d79c525d3_z(1)How to Tighten Your Roots

Dreadlocks require very little work to maintain, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose this hairstyle. Aside from washing and dealing with loose/stray hairs, there’s much else that goes into maintaining dreads. Over time, however, it’s not uncommon for the roots become loose, at which point stray hairs will work their way out of the locks. So, how can you tighten your roots to prevent this from happening?

How Loose Roots Occur

Before we reveal the steps to tightening loose roots, let’s first discuss what causes them in the first place. Whether you notice it or not, your hair is constantly growing. According to some studies, the average person’s hair grows about a quarter of an inch per month. Even if your hair is twisted into dreadlocks, it will continue to grow — and as it grows, the extra hair emerging from your scalp may push out and away from the dreadlocks. This is the number one cause of loose roots in dreadlocks.

Tightening Loose Roots

If you asked ten different hair stylists that the best way is to tighten dreadlocks roots, you would probably get ten different answers. Everyone has their own unique approach to this problem; however, I’ve found one of the easiest ways to tighten roots is via the clockwise rubbing method. As the name suggests, this involves palm rolling the roots of your dreadlocks in a clockwise motion, allowing the stray hairs to work their way back into nearby locks. The key thing to remember is that you want to roll your roots in the same direction (clockwise). Rolling in both directions, back and forth, may actually have the opposite effect by creating additional stray hairs around your roots.

Preventing Loose Roots

Rather than waiting until your roots are loose to fix them, you should take a proactive approach towards preventing them in the first place. This is done by guiding loose hairs back into nearby locks so they won’t pull apart from the roots. You don’t have to necessarily do this every day or night, but rather give your dreadlocks some TLC once a week. Neglecting your dreadlocks is a sure-fire way to develop loose roots, and while the techniques mentioned above can help tighten them, you can avoid this problem by maintaining your dreads.

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