34732157_7513460b8e_zIs My Hair Too Thin for Dreadlocks?

Are you afraid that your hair is too thin for dreadlocks? Dreadlocks offer a timeless, unique style that’s not found in other hairstyles. Perhaps this is why so many men and women continue to sport them, centuries after they first appeared back in Ancient Africa and Europe. But like all hairstyles, the overall aesthetics of dreadlocks will vary depending on the person’s hair type.

Yes, You Can Have Dreadlocks With Thin Hair

Thin hair creates several hurdles when it comes to dreadlocks, but the fact remains that you can successfully dread thin hair. Due to the increased difficulty of getting thin hair into locks (and keeping it there), it may take some extra time and effort. Thin hair is also more susceptible to damage like split-ends, frizz, breakage, etc. However, with a little bit of work and plenty of patience, you can achieve a brilliant dreadlocked look.

Combating Thin Hair With Nutrition

It’s important to note that thin hair is often the result of poor nutrition. There are times when genetics are to blame, but nine out of ten times it’s lack of nutrition. I know what you’re probably thinking: how can I suffer from malnutrition if I eat three full meals a day? Just because you never a skip a meal doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting proper nutrition. Fast food meals, for instance,  are loaded in sodium, sugar and fat, while offering minimal nutritional value in return. If you currently have thin hair and want to go with dreadlocks, you need to consume a nutritious, natural diet, avoiding heavily processed foods.

Here are some nutrition tips for people with thin hair:

  • Drink plenty of water (note: sodas don’t count).
  • Stick with lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish.
  • Consume a minimum of two cups of fresh, not canned, fruit per day.
  • Leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach are particularly beneficial due to their high concentrations of vitamin A.

Condition Your Hair

In addition to a consuming nutritious diet, you can also prepare your thin hair for dreadlocks by conditioning it. Conditioners work by adding key vitamins and nutrients to your hair, coating them in a protective barrier. This barrier will essentially make your hair thicker (not longer), allowing you to dread it into locks more easily.

When using conditioner on your hair, however, it’s best to follow the “less is more” approach. Using too much conditioner may cause your hair to look oily while weighing it down in the process.

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