Popular Questions About Trimming Dreads

questions about trimming dreads

Getting dreadlocks is easy, taking care of them isn’t as easy. To keep them strong, shiny, and healthy they do require some maintenance in the form of good quality products as well as regular trims and tightening sessions. When it comes to trimming dreadlocks, most people don’t understand what it means or why they would want to do it. Here are some of the most common questions about trimming your dreadlocks and the answers that you need to know and share.

How Do I Trim Them?

There are a few different ways to trim your dreads and all of them will get you the results you want. To trim them, the basics are having a pair of scissors and maybe a second opinion from someone you trust on the length you should maintain. To trim your dreads, you’ll want more than just your average kitchen scissors too. Go out and buy a good quality pair of actual hair cutting scissors or have a trusted stylist trim them for you. Once you have your scissors, pick a length you want to keep and trim just the ends of each and every dread.

When Should I Trim Them?

Timing is everything and while there is no real right or wrong time to trim dreads, you might consider doing it just once or twice per year – unless you have crazy hair growth! This will allow your dreads to stretch and lay down more as well as keep them looking healthy and tight. This time frame is going to be different for each person and different depending on the type of dreadlocks you have. If you have braids, or synthetic dreads, real dreadlocks, or partial all of these timelines will look differently. However, when your ends become loose, dry, frizzy, or full of split ends, that’s usually a good sign of when to get them trimmed up.

Should I Trim Them At All?

The simple answer here is yes, but as you can see from the other questions, the why and when is different for each person. You see, dreadlocks are often put into a completely different category when we talk about hairstyles. Dreaded or not, is all it’s broken down into. However, dreadlocks still act like regular hair. They dry out, get oily, grow, shrink, fall out, and need to be trimmed, all the same. It’s a good idea for people with hair on their head to trim their hair at least every once in a while to help stimulate growth as well as keeping the ends of your hair healthy and looking great.

What Are the Benefits of Trimming Them?

The benefits of trimming your dreadlocks are both obvious and hidden. The obvious benefits are the health of your hair overall and your looks. When you trim your dreadlocks they look much better, albeit a bit shorter, but they will continue to maintain a healthy length and a healthy glow. Not to mention the ends will be clean and straight. Now the unforeseen benefits matter, too. The benefits you can’t always see are things like allowing the roots to keep growing strong as well as the overall length will continue to grow over time. In addition, trimming off dead hair allows the inside of the dread a breath of fresh air and will give you the chance to knot it up better than before.

Trimming dreadlocks is an essential part of having dreads and it’s certainly not a glamorous part of having them. The maintenance and the care you take behind closed doors and in the hair salon will show when your dreads are healthy, shiny, long, and strong. This is the dread for dreads, after all.

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