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As the proud owner of your own dreadlocks, there are tons of benefits to having them. Many of which have been outlined on this blog. However, there are a few things that you will give up when you get dreads and going to the salon every three weeks is one of them. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will never go back but when you start the journey that is dreadlocks you have to be much more cautious about the salon.

Visiting the salon every once in a while is just fine. You can go in, get a trim if you need, or just see your friends but if your salon is a normal, everyday salon, I would think twice about letting them touch your hair.

This is not to bash those people either, but the normal salon stylist doesn’t often know enough about dreads to be able to manage and maintain them correctly. There have been tons of stories of desperate people trying to fix a dread or two and they head to the salon unknowingly. Things get worse from there.

They may pack your dreads with wax that makes it heavy or smelly, they may use products that are based in too much oil or too much alcohol which can cause a whole array of problems, or they can make them too loose, too tight and everything in between.

There are ways to avoid this and here are just a few.

1. Only Buy Products

Salons are hands down one of the best places to get products. This is great for, well, anyone with hair. They have a wide variety and many are trying harder and harder to carry the high-end products. Some of which you will need for your dreads.

In this case, a salon is an excellent place to visit for this reason.

2. Research the Stylists

As aforementioned, not all stylists are dread deficient. Some may even have dreads and you two will have an unspoken and magical bond when you make eye contact. Check the salon’s website if you do need to get help with your dreads. They often have headshots or short bios of the workers that will give a better description of what their specialties are.

3. Become a Pro at Home

The internet is a lovely thing and with blogs just like this one and tons of YouTube channels, there is a good chance you will get any question you have answered. That’s the beauty of the internet.

Figure out what the problem is first, assess it yourself and see if it’s something simple. For example, a few dead ends or frayed ends are an easy fix with some basic trimming tips. With a new set of dreads many people freak out if someone isn’t looking just right, but there’s no need for that. Hair is crazy and it will do what it wants anyway. Find a guru (or ten) online and see what the research says. Don’t believe everything you hear, though.

Don’t let a small issue ruin your whole set of dreads by visiting someone who simple doesn’t have the knowledge to help you. Having dreads does offer a lot of changes and some sacrifices but giving up the salon is one you might not miss after all.

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