4487954921_39252836a3_zShould My Dreadlocks be Soft or Hard?

Should your dreadlocks be soft or hard? That is the question. Well, that’s the question for many men and women who make the transition to dreadlocks, at least. Assuming this if your first time “dreading” your hair, you might be wondering just how soft the locks should be. Well, this is a question that we’re going to tackle in today’s blog post, so keep reading for more information.

Everyone’s Hair is Different

Let me first start off by saying that everyone’s hair is different. Some people have naturally fine, soft hair, whereas others have thicker and more course hair. Don’t feel like you must follow a specific format with your dreadlocks, as no two people have the exact same hair. Embrace your uniqueness and stop worrying about making your dreadlocks look like the rest.

Dreading with Wax: What You Should Know

Dreadlocks that are created with wax are more likely to feel stiff and hard. Wax — even when used in small amounts — will stick to the hair, at which point it hardens to form a protective layer. This can be helpful in protecting hair follicles from damage, but it can also make them feel hard. If you are worried about your hair feeling hard, avoid using wax or similar products when dreading it into locks. Instead, stick with natural shampoos and conditioners, as this will ensure your hair is happy and healthy.

Cleaning Out Excess Product

If you’ve already dreaded your hair into locks using beeswax or a similar product, you should clean it out by thoroughly washing your hair in a solution of distilled water and apple cider vinegar. The vinegar will work to eliminate the stubborn wax, removing it from your hair follicles. Just remember to rinse your hair back out with clean water afterwards, as vinegar may irritate the scalp.

Ways to Soften Your Dreadlocks

Of course, there are several other steps that you can take to soften your dreadlocks. For starters, wear a cap that fully covers your hair when you to bed at night. Doing so will lock in the natural oils produced by your scalp, keeping your dreads nice and moisturized. You can also soften your dreadlocks by using a natural, premium shampoo and conditioner. When choosing shampoos and conditioners, however, you should avoid products that are loaded with chemicals and other artificial ingredients, as these may further dry out and stiffen your dreadlocks. Look for natural products that contain vitamins and plant-based ingredients for maximum benefit.

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  1. Hi! I have mixed race dreadlocks and they are dry, itchy and scratchy, much like how synthetic braids feel. I have tried everything and I just cant get them softer. I have really sensitive skin, and am a competitive runner so they get washed more frequently than some folks suggest. Any additional tips? I love my locks, and dont want to get rid of them, but they are uncomfortable against my skin.

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