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Specialty Products For Your Dreadlocks

Made for fellow dreadies. We’ve got UV resistant fabric. We even have silk. We went all out with these high quality, fashionable 100% silk scarves and wide, uv resistant headbands made to protect your dreadlocks.

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UV Resistant, Extra Wide, Versatile Dreadlock Headbands

Tired of common headbands that aren’t wide enough for your dreads? Want to protect your scalp and dreads at the same time? Art meets utility with this extra wide, durable, versatile (and super cool) headband. It’s perfect for covering your edges when they get fuzzy, protecting your scalp and dreadlocks from the harsh UV rays of the sun or even the cold winter air, exercising, or even just adding some pizzazz to your outfit!

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Our 100% Silk Scarves – Take Extra Care of Your Locs

These babies are handcrafted with love, and made right here in the U.S.A. The artwork – created here at HowToGetDreads.com – is printed on 100% silk and finished into a lovely long scarf. Choose from 3 different silks; silk habotai, silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and poly chiffon. It also includes a machined baby rolled edge hem finish for a neat look.

They are produced completely in-house, and all the cutting and sewing is done by hand.  Each silk dread scarf is handled individually and with the utmost care.

Silk Scarf Process Photos

Our Silk Scarf Process

The benefits of silk material for dreadlocks include helping your hair to retain moisture at night, and helping to reduce breakage in general. Do your dreads a favor and protect them while also looking stylish!

Browse our custom made, 100% Silk Dreadlock Scarves

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More Info About Our Silks

Silk Habotai

  • 100% silk, 8mm weight
  • Our most commonly used fabric in the silks
  • Has a moderate sheen
  • Printed with eco-friendly pigment inks
  • Print is 75% visible through to the backside of the fabric
  • Softens when washed or tumbled in a dryer

Silk Charmeuse

  • 100% Silk, 12mm weight
  • Very shiny front and matte back
  • Is the silkiest in feeling and drape of all the fabrics
  • Printed with eco-friendly pigment inks
  • Print is 50% visible through to backside of the fabric
  • Machine washing not recommended. Please dry clean only.

Silk Chiffon

  • 100% silk, 10mm weight
  • Has more drape and a softer look than our silk habotai fabric
  • Has no sheen and a crepe-like texture.
  • Printed with eco-friendly pigment inks
  • Print is 85% visible through to the backside of the fabric
  • Will appear more crepe-like after washing

Here are some great YouTube videos showing you many ways to wrap your locs – and protect them – with just one cloth.





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