Things That Will Happen to You When You Get Dreads- Whether You Like it or Not

When you get dreadlocks for the first time, some things will happen to you from the environment, your wallet, and the people around you that you should be prepared for. Dreadlocks are an attention-grabber and are one of the most stylish and bold hairstyles that you can get, and when you make a change like this, you will want to be prepared for what will happen as a result of this decision. Some of these things will be good, funny, or enjoyable, some won’t be, but preparing yourself for all of them will help you make it through that first month or so with your new set of dreadlocks.

People Will Talk

When it comes to people talking, it can go well or not so well in regards to what people will say to you. Some of the best examples will be friends, coworkers, and family members who might initially be shocked but they are also going to be so interested in this new style. They will talk, share the latest hair news, and ask a bunch of questions! What might surprise you is the curiosity of those without dreads because it takes a lot of courage to make such a drastic change in your hair.

However, there will also be some talk on the negative side. There are people out there, believe it or not, who don’t think dreads are as cool as you do. It’s a hairstyle that they might have a stigma about or might have a negative association with something in the past. These stereotypes can be hard to break down for other people, but it is very important to be aware that dreadlocks won’t be loved by everyone including friends, family, and even people you work with.

Dreads Take A While to Set

The next thing you will need to be highly aware of when you first get dreads is that they take a long time to “lay down.” What that means is your first set of dreads will look strange. They might be loose, frizzy, and seem like they are sticking straight up into the air. This is normal for everyone. Anyone you know who has or has had dreadlocks knows that the first few months aren’t great.

You will need to get into a routine of cleaning them properly and continue to roll or hook them to keep them tight and help them knot up the right way. It will take time and patience to make sure they grow the right way and lay the right way on your head and finally look the way you want them to.

People Will Touch Them

Next is the personal space issue that you might run into. Along with point number one about people talking, those who show that curiousity and amazement might also feel inclined to touch them. While this is entirely dependent upon each situation, just plan on people being bold enough and eager enough to actually reach out and touch your dreads; with or without your permission.

For some, this will be a huge issue while others will welcome the chance to inform and educate someone. Either way, with curiousity, comes boundaires. Try to be kind and informative about your dreads and simply say no if you don’t want them to touch your hair. However, this moment could also be a turning point for someone who has been thinking of getting dreads and touching them for the first time might be enough to produce a friend with another set of dreadlocks with you.

You’ll Get Unsolicited Advice

As with anything that draws both negative and positive attention, getting dreadlocks will automatically put you in a spot where advice from all sides will bombard you. Some of the advice will be great, some will be less than helpful, and some will be flat-out rude.

When you get your dreadlocks, be prepared for some people with dreads to give you advice about everything. They will ask you about your shampoo, then they will let you know what they think about it too. They will compliment your beads or accessories and then issue a warning of some sort about the same thing. Obviously, not everyone does this but plan on getting some advice, some wanted and some unwanted, from those who do have dreadlocks too.

If you’re stuck deciding whether or not you should get dreads, here’s a quick guide on what to expect in the first month or so. Sure you’re taking part in one of the most stylish hairstyles and going to learn a few new things along the way, but know and try to prepare for the reaction of your dreads to your immediate environment.

Every person has a different experience, but being prepared for just about anything- both good and bad- is the best way to ensure you know what is coming once you do decide to get your dreadlocks.

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