Top Three Tools for Dreads

There’s been a lot of talk lately about products and certain hair care items that you might need to get your dreads in the best shape possible, but what’s not mentioned are the tools that often come with these tasks.

These tools are so, so important and are going to become crucial parts of your dreadlock maintenance routine very quickly. Don’t worry, this list isn’t long because you only need a few key items to be prepared.

1. Hair Clips

If you saw the most recent blog post about Dreads in the Work Place, you will know that these clips are going to be a necessity. Not only do they calm down dreads, take them away from your face, and more but they can also help keep them looking professional and tidy.

These clips are relatively cheap and can be used for just about any hairstyle you want. They are also super strong and reliable to wear during sports or outdoor activities.

2. Rubber Bands

Taking holding hair to the next level are strong and sturdy rubber bands. These offer just a bit more security but can also cause damage if worn too often or too tightly. Rubber bands are tight and are ideal for those in active sports or going to a style with your dreads that are a bit more complex.

Rubber bands are a necessity for those that are highly active and need a way to hold their dreads in place. Some even choose to lightly band up their dreads at night so they are not lying on them directly. There are tons of uses for rubber bands and they are one tool you should always carry with you.

3. Dread Comb

The third, and most important, is the dread comb. Specifically made for dreads, this is the one crucial tool that will make your life much easier. It’s easy to use and does a variety of important things to your dreads to keep them looking great. It tightens your dread easily. It will allow you to tighten and dread your roots so they are not loose. It helps them stay full and thick instead of thinning out.

These tools might seem basic, but even before you get dreads, make sure you are prepared. Dreads take a long time to form and perfect their shape and being able to style and control them during these stages will be important. Plus, mixing things up and taking care of them will help them last longer and make you happier longer too.

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