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As you may have seen throughout the various posts on this blog, using beeswax is not a method that is recommended when you are ready to start you dreadlock adventure.

That being said, there are certain methods of dreading hair that have been popular for many years. Whether a lack of knowledge or resources is the reason, using wax has been one of the most popular ways to dread hair.

Unfortunately, this happens when people dread their own hair and when they have it professionally done by a salon technician. You have to understand the reasons why you should not use wax and why some might choose to use it anyway.

Why Wax?

So your first question might be, “Why wax at all?” And this is a reasonable question. Wax is a substance that is sticky and that’s why it has been seen in the past to help hair bond together to make dreads. However, in recent years there have been numerous other methods of dreading hair that work just as, if not more, effectively without the use of wax at all.

Why Not Wax?

It’s always cautionary to try something new in your hair. Wax is no different except it has the tendency to stick around longer than one might like. Some of the huge cons of using beeswax are that it gets clumpy and makes hair feel and look sticky. It can also cause hygiene problems when things get stuck in your hair and when moisture gets stuck in your hair. This can cause mold and terrible smells.

How to Get Rid of Wax

There are many ways to remove wax if you have had it used on your hair by a friend or beautician. As always, be cautious using hot water and any product in your hair before you decide to use any of these products.

One of the best and most popular ways to remove wax is to use hot water and bar soap. Most types of soap will work with consistency and help on your part but you also want water as hot as you can get it without harming yourself. You will fill a bucket, tub, or sink with the very warm water and lather the soap in and around your dreads as much as you can. Rinse and repeat a few different times to really get deep into the locks. Dry them thoroughly after.

Another method uses hot water, soap, and an apple cider vinegar mixture to break down and loosen the wax to get it washed away. Likewise, you will fill a bucket, tub, or sink with the hot water and use the soap and the apple cider vinegar solution to spray, pour, and lather into your hair and scalp. Do this a few times for repetition to reap the most benefits. Rinse well and dry completely.

Using wax is a quick and lazy solution to getting good dreadlocks and can cause more harm than good in the long run. Check with your beautician to see if they will be using wax to dread your hair and consider doing the research to find a new location or to do them yourself. Choosing to go wax free will make everything a little easier and will be a lot less of a mess to clean up.

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