bees-45790_960_720Warning! Read this Before Using Beeswax on Your Dreadlocks

Beeswax is an all-natural type of wax that’s produced by honey bee workers. It’s formed into the characteristic scales (see image to the left) by bees’ wax-producing glads, which discard it in the hive to improve stability and enhance protection for the bee hive. Not surprisingly, beeswax has hundreds of different uses, ranging from food flavorings to candle-making and even health and beauty products. But you should think twice before applying beeswax to your dreadlocks, because it may do more harm than good.

Why You Should Avoid Beeswax on Dreadlocks

So, what’s the problem with using beeswax on dreadlocks? Like most forms of natural wax, it has a high melting point, meaning it doesn’t melt until heated to high temperatures. This characteristic, combined with the fact that it’s a hydrocarbon, makes it difficult to wash out of hair. Regardless of how hot the water is, or how hard you scrub, it’s difficult to fully remove all beeswax from dreadlocks. So for this reason, it’s recommended that you avoid using beeswax on dreadlocks.

In the event that you’ve already applied beeswax to your dreadlocks, you’ll need to use something other than just water to remove it. Beeswax is waterproof, so washing your hair alone isn’t going to strip it from your dreadlocks. Instead, you’ll need to use some type of oil, such as extra-virgin olive oil, to remove it. When applying the oil, gently pull and twist your dreadlocks to ease out the beeswax. It may take several applications of oil, but the beeswax will eventually come out.

Which products Can I Use on Dreadlocks?

When it comes to dreadlocks, it’s best to follow the “less is more” mantra. One of the most common mistakes people make with their dreadlocks is applying too much product. Whether it’s beeswax or anything else, applying too much product may result in residue buildup. A single application isn’t going to do much harm, but if you continue using hair product on your dreadlocks it will create a layer of residue film over your hair.

The good news is that there are products which are suitable for dreadlocks, such as all-natural coconut oil for example. Coconut oil is light, nutrient-rich, and easy to wash out, making it an excellent product for use on dreadlocks. For a complete list of recommended hair products for dreadlocks, check out our reviews at

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