Odds are, yes. That’s the easy answer.

But the truth is that, although most hair will dread, there are some types that are going to dread much better than others.

Most people who want dreads will find a way to get them. It won’t always be easy, though. Now, let’s talk about hair types, the qualities in hair that make it more likely to dread and how to take the steps to dread hair that isn’t ideal.

1. Hair Types

There are many types of hair. Hair varies in texture, thickness, and porosity- how much water it soaks up. Each of these factors can change your experience with dread locks. There are lots of myths and half-truths about hair types as well.

It’s been said that only thick hair will dread which is not true. It’s also been said that only curly hair will dread- also a false statement. There’s no such thing as impossible when it comes to dreads. That being said, those will ideal hair types will have an easier time. But, those people probably aren’t reading this!

2. Hair Qualities Ideal for Dreading

The qualities that you need to have in order to have the best dreads varies in stages. In the beginning, mostly pre- and during the dreading process, you need to have your hair very clean and washed. This helps your hair dry out and dread better. After you have your dreads, dry isn’t always ideal anymore. Your hair will go through tons of changes during the first year anyway so making sure to assess it every week or so will tell you what you need more of or what you might be missing in your care routine.

Another idea quality is curly or kinky hair. African American men and women often have coarse and tightly curled hair which is probably the ideal hair type for dreads. That being said, tons of people with curly, wavy, and stick-straight hair have made their hair demands heard when they get and maintain dreads like pros. It’s a matter of the products you use, what method you use to dread your hair, and how well you maintain them.

3. How to Do It Anyway

Are you ready to make it happen for you? Maybe you have boring, lazy waves that won’t quite curl and won’t quite straighten. Maybe you have super straight hair that revolts against any type of kink in its strands. It doesn’t matter. There are ways to make it happen for you.

For those with stick straight hair, you may consider using a good clarifying shampoo that will help things dry out and then you may have to be a bit persuasive with your hair. You can use the most popular method of backcombing to create your dread bunches in combination with rolling it like a noodle between your hands to create the shape you want. This will take time, patience, planning, and maybe a good friend to help.

For those of you reading with wavy, curly, or hair somewhere in between, then dreading will not be as difficult for you. The backcombing combination with the rolling technique should work just fine. Though this process might still take plenty of time, it might hurt slightly less than those with straight hair. This is also true for thick and thin hair. Although those with thin hair need to do a bit more planning and strategizing first.

Now, no one ever said getting dreads was easy, did they? No, because it’s really not. It’s a big decision and it’s a special hairstyle that requires love and attention for the future of your dreading journey. BUT, they are awesome and lots of people have said that.

No matter what your hair type, texture, color, or shape, if you want dreads you can get them. Those with thick flowing locks and those with thin or short hair, yes, anyone can have dreads.

Do a little research, find someone with hair like yours and see what tips they offer. Check into certain products that will help with the dreading process like a clarifying shampoo and potentially some wax (use sparingly, friends) and see what you think will work for you. Just like fashion taste, there are no two people who have the same dreads or the same experience but they all share the same awesome hairstyle.

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