Work Your Dreads

One factor about dreadlocks that people often forget is how to care for them under high activity periods.

Some of us get confused about having dreadlocks and think that it might stop us from doing the things we normally would, which is false. With that said, there are some extra precautions that you need to consider for simple activities that are needed when you get dreadlocks.

One of these is working out. Working out and staying active in any way, shape, or form is one of the situations when we need to take a second look at if we have dreads. Let’s start with the basics of working out or exercising and talk about some of the obvious issues we might have when we work out with dreadlocks.

Keeping Them Out of Your Face

Just like people with longer hair, there’s a chance you get hit in the face when you are doing strenuous activity. The same thing happens to people with their braids or ponytails, but with dreads, it can actually be quite uncomfortable. It’s more like getting hit with a rope versus hit with a bunch of strings if you can imagine that.

One of the best tips when working out with dreadlocks is pulling them back away from your face. However, there are many ways you can pull your hair back away from your face the right way without damaging your hair.

One of the easiest ways is using one of your own dreads to tie back the rest. You can do this by taking one dread from underneath, near the neck and wrapping it around the rest of your dreads and tying it to another dread under the whole section or by taking two dreads from under and behind the ear and tying them on top of the section you wish to keep back.

Another way is to use a ribbon or some sort or soft hair band to tie it back in one bunch. Be cautious of using regular hair ties because they are highly elastic and could easily get tangled into dreads and cause snagging, ripping, and crimping that can cause serious damage after a while.

Rocking A Headband

Another great accessory to have when working out is a headband. There are plenty of soft headbands out there that will help keep sweat from soaking into your hair during a workout and will also prevent frizz.

Lucky for you, we feature some amazing headbands here on How To Get Dreads in our specialty products section. These headbands are both fashionable and protective for your hair and scalp. Keeping the UV rays away from your exposed scalp, preventing frizz around the edges of your face, and acting as a great sponge for sweat to keep it from being in your face and staying in your hair are a few key features of these headbands.

Post-Workout Preservation

Preparing your hair for the workout is very important, and dealing with them during a workout is too, but how we clean and treat our dreads post-workout is just as important.

As you may have seen in other posts, a good quality clarifying shampoo that is residue free is going to be one of the absolute essentials in your bathroom cabinet. This is even more important for those who are sweating often.

A good rule of thumb for all dread heads is to avoid washing your hair every day. Contrary to what you might feel like doing after a workout, you probably should only really wash your dreads every two to three days using a residue free shampoo.

It might seem strange at first, but by tying your hair back, using a good quality absorbent headband, and taking care of your dreads after your workouts, you will find that they will stay react much better to that care than the damage that working out could case. This will keep your dreads healthy and shiny- just like your bod after your brutal workout!

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