Your Influence on the Dread Community

influence on the dread community

As you probably already know, dreadlocks are becoming more and more mainstream in this world. Along with tattoos, piercings, and more, dreadlocks are being accepted more and seeing fewer and fewer instances of backlash in the workforce and other facets of life.

This is incredible news and it’s a positive shift toward freedom of expression and personality choices. Here are few examples of where and why this acceptance is happening and how you can take part in the positive swing.


While most of the time, the news we hear about celebrities might not be pretty, turns out, they have done a great job creating a more acceptable taste in dreadlocks in particular. There are many celebrities from tons of different genres of Hollywood who have had dreads and rocked them.

Movie stars, musicians, artists, talk show hosts, and more have paved the way for a mass amount of people to see them and share their opinions. In light of this, when you hear good news, award acceptances, and hit records coming from those celebrities with dreads, that does the rest of us a huge favor is changing the way dreads might have initially been viewed.

Growing Acceptance

There have been some terrible stereotypes for people with dreads and dreadlocks in general for many years. The acceptance is coming from those with dreads who are making positive differences in the world.

These people, not just celebrities, with dreadlocks are showing themselves as professional business owners, as caring parents, as amazing teachers, as professional athletes, and are displaying a completely different side of what some might think when they think of dreadlocks. Because of these people, every generation from here on out will have a more accepting society when it comes to dreads.

Do Your Part

Now, this can easily be undone, too. Those in the dread community have made incredible progress is lying to rest the stereotypes and hatred toward the hairstyle and those with it but that doesn’t mean the battle is over.

It’s time for you to do your part too. When making the decision to have dreads, this is an awesome style choice and also comes with some responsibility. You are an awesome person who is caring, compassionate, and hardworking and your dreads have nothing to do with that, well, it’s time that you and each one of us stood up to make sure we are viewed that way.

Going above and beyond to be loyal, hardworking, and responsible in our businesses, our lives, and our relationships are some of the best ways that we can use to make an impact on the dreadlock community. It’s not all about celebrities making these changes. No, instead, you have power and influence and a killer hairstyle so you better get to changing the world.

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