The 1 Dreadlock Step Most People

Forget To Do


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We all know the importance of following through with the major dreadlocking steps, such as one of the many different dread starting methods, proper upkeep, and consistently using a good clarifying shampoo.

However, there is a quick, easy step that is far less often discussed but makes a big difference. I don’t recommend using it until your dreads are mature, but once you do, you’ll make your dreads look so much neater.

It’s as easy as taking a pair of scissors to your head, and trimming the fuzz. Yes, I said it.

Trim that fuzz.

For some people, they get a little fuzzy halo of loose hairs around their dreads that stubbornly doesn’t want to disappear. This is was my case, and I noticed it makes the difference between me looking slightly-unkempt and trendily cultured. It’s a matter of simply holding a pair of scissors close to – but not touching – your dreads and snip snipping away. Make sure you target those loose hairs that are poking up and not wanting to cooperate by intertwining into your dread.


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