3 Quick Steps You Can Take To Have Perfect Dreadlocks


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There are numerous reasons why someone would want to have beautiful, healthy dreadlocks. Maybe you’ve been racking your brains on how to beautiful, tidy dreadlocks. yourself, at one time or another. There are several possible variations on how to get those beautiful dreadlocks you dream of.

No single way fills all of the requirements completely. There are several methods that each yield viable results. Understanding the merits associated with every approach will allow you to choose wisely amongst them.

Here’s a breakdown of the top methods: you’ve perfect dreadlock}, here is a quick survey of three popular methods:

1. Regularly tighten your dreadlocks.

They can get loose at the roots, especially in the beginning. Regular tightening using the clockwise rubbing method and palm rolling will help them mature faster.

2. Keep your dreadlocks thoroughly clean by consistently using a good, quality shampoo.

You want your hair to be squeaky clean. Personally, as an African American, I wash my mane about once a week. However, during heightened periods of activity, such as when I’m training for a 5k or swimming, I wash much more often.

3. Right after cleaning, it’s important you separate your dreadlocks at the roots so they don’t merge together into one, huge lock.

Who wants to have one huge monster dreadlock growing out of their head? I don’t.

Of course, there are additional methods. However, the discussed options above are highly popular and very valuable. Any one of them will yield results. Just choose the one (or ones) you prefer to use and start working towards having your perfect dreadlocks!


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  2. Thanks for posting this article

  3. I am getting a bald spot at the top of my hair.I have locks for over 20yrs, I am only HB pills, I get my locks retwisted every 6 2weeks…is it natural for African women to start balding. I eat right…I am thinking about cutting them but I hate wearing a wig..any advise will help

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