6534734489_1d79c525d3_z6 Hair Care Tips that Everyone with Dreadlocks Should Follow

If you currently have dreadlocks or are thinking about getting dreadlocks, you’ll want to follow these tips to keep your dreads happy and healthy.

Avoid ‘Thickening’ Shampoos and Conditioners

Why should you avoid thickening shampoos and conditioners? With dreadlocks, you want to stay away from product that coats your hair with extra residue. Even if it’s just a small amount, the residue will seep down into the dreads where it’s next-to-impossible to remove.

Cover Your Head at Night

It’s recommended that you wear a cap or stocking over your head at night to help lock in the moisture. It’s not uncommon for dreadlocks to become dry and brittle — a problem that’s easily avoided by covering your head at night. A cap, stocking or beenie will prevent the natural oils of your scalp from escaping, allowing them moisturize your dreadlocks while you sleep.

Don’t Wax Wet Dreadlocks

If you are going to wax your dreadlocks, make sure they are completely dry first. There’s nothing wrong with using a small amount of wax of pomade to help control your dreadlocks; however, it should only be applied when your dreadlocks are dry. Applying wax to wet dreadlocks will result in a messy, flat look that does your hair no justice.

Go Easy on the Hair Product

When adding hair product to your dreadlocks, it’s best to follow the less is more mantra. Dreadlocks are particularly sensitive to products like oils, hairspray, gel, etc., and once you’ve applied too much, it can be difficult to restore your dreadlocks back to their original condition. So to maintain a sense of structured style with your hair, start by applying a small amount of product and gradually add more as needed. Remember, you can always add more hair product to your dreadlocks, but you cannot remove it — not easily, at least.

Dealing with Stray Hairs

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, some hairs will inevitably escape away from your dreadlocks. It’s important that you deal with these loose hairs in a timely manner; otherwise, they may take over your head. To do this, simply use a crocheting hook or similar tool to guide the loose hairs back into a nearby lock.

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