are my dreads growing

It’s a question you will be asking yourself for months into getting your dreadlocks. You feel the need to ask this because when it comes to hair, you expect and anticipate it to grow and as it does it will look differently, feel differently, and act differently. It’s not a surprise that a lot of people who care about their hair enjoy the time when it grows and changes and those of you with dreads are no exception. Except that your hair will grow differently altogether and here’s why.

Yes, and No

Are your dreads growing? Yes, and no. To be honest, there’s no easy answer here for those of you with dreadlocks. Yes, of course, your hair is growing – it always is. But in the same way, the growth might not be visible for a very long time. Sometimes months or years. See, when you have dreads, the knotted locs are always going to be growing out from the roots, but once this happens, to keep the dreads in place and looking nice, you will need to consistently knot and tie the roots of each dread so that the growth seems to be taken away almost immediately. When you knot and tie your hair, it shrinks. That’s why when people with extremely long hair get dreads, they seem quite a lot shorter because the pieces are twisted, turned, and tied together so they get shortened inevitably.

What To Do About It

When it comes to growing out your dreads there are a few things you’ll need to accept and a few things you can do about it. First, be patient and accept that it will take a long time to grow and that without the great care they won’t grow quickly. Second, the actions you can take to help them grow are maintaining a great maintenance routine of washing, drying, and keeping everything tight. In addition, using very little oils and sprays will help the dreads continue to stretch and lay down giving the illusion of length further in your journey.


To enable the growth process, there are a few things you can do continually, to help everything grow and keep things healthy. First and foremost, avoid putting products in your hair hoping it will grow. Most commonly, products tend to weigh down hair and cause problems inside the actual dreads. Likewise, avoiding washing too much is a good idea to start. This allows your dreads time to adjust your scalp to the change in texture as well as letting your dreads fall into place easier. Next, you take good care of them and always watch the roots and the tips to make sure the dreads are tight and rounded and look the way you want.

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