best hair types for dreads

Most people can get dreadlocks. In reality, anyone who has at least 4-5 inches of hair (sometimes shorter even), you can get dreads. This is the beauty of this particular hairstyle. It’s great-looking and accessible for almost anyone.

However, certain people seem to have an easier time getting dreads than others. Truth be told, it’s not certain people or groups at all. It’s hair types that dictate who will have an easier time with dreadlocks. Your hair type will significantly enhance or cause difficulty to your dreadlock situation but don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you cannot get them; it just might come as easily to you depending on your hair type.

Coarse Hair

Maybe the most natural hair to dread is coarse hair. When you think of coarse hair, this is all about texture. Other factors will be outlined in later paragraphs, but coarse hair is strictly focused on the feeling and texture of the hair. It’s usually categorized by a rough, almost wiry feel when dried out, but coarse hair is the best type of hair to make dreads.

Why does this hair type work so well? It’s best for dreadlocks because coarse hair binds together well. Anyone with coarse hair knows that combing, brushing, or just taking out a hair tie or bobby pin can turn into a battle. This is ideal for dreads because coarse hair naturally wants to knot and intertwine together making it a perfect match for a dreadlocked style.

Naturally Curly Hair

The second hair type that works well with dreadlocks is naturally curly hair. It should also be noted that there are so many different degrees of curl in one’s hair. There are very tight, almost coil-like curls and there are loose curls that could almost be classified as waves. Either way, these natural kinks, and curls make dreading easier than say the opposite, stick-straight hair.

Why does curly hair dread better? It’s natural waves and bends help dreads stay together better. Similarly to coarse hair, curly hair knots easier because the shafts of hair bend and twist and get tangled much easier than straight hair. This might be a slightly less advantageous hair type but still is nearly ideal for creating amazing dreadlocks.

Thick Hair

The final hair type that works best for someone who wants to get great dreadlocks is thick hair. Even if the hair doesn’t curl, and is smooth, thick hair will work great with dreads for many reasons. Its sheer amount gives you a lot of control with the size and number of dreads you will get and the knowledge that your dreads will never look limp or thin.

Why does thick hair work so well? The more, the merrier! When you have thick hair, curly or straight, and any color of the rainbow, you simply have a lot of hair to work with. The more hair, the better. You can better manage the number of dreads, the thickness of each dread, and never have to worry about a lack of volume.

It’s true that dreadlocks can be done in almost any hair type with enough effort, but there are definitely types of hair that work best with a set of dreadlocks. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have one of these hair types, but doing research and being clear about the expectations of the dreadlocks you want.

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