13455057534_37f6ae4045_zCan You Dye Dreadlocks?

This is a question that many newcomers ask. Maybe you’re hoping to achieve a darker hair color, or perhaps you want a more even and consistent color throughout your hair. Dying traditional hairstyles is relatively easy, so can it be done on dreadlocks as well?

Yes, You Can Dye Dreadlocks!

Dreadlocks can be dyed just like any other hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a light color, a dark color, or somewhere in between, you can successfully dye your dreadlocks using standard hair dye — and it looks great when done correctly! Dyed dreadlocks have a bolder, more appealing appearance that will really enhance your image. They will stand out with a greater level of visibility, attracting compliments and praise from those around you.

When Possible, Dye Before Dreading

It’s recommended that you dye or bleach your hair before dreading it for maximum effect. This will ensure the dye reaches all — or at least most — of your hair. If you wait until you’ve already dreaded your hair to dye it, some spots may be darker/lighter than others, creating an uneven consistency that most people prefer to avoid.

Of course, dying before dreading isn’t always possible. Assuming you already have dreadlocks, you can still dye your hair. There’s no need to “undo” your dreadlocks just so you can dye and then re-dread them. Instead, follow the tips listed below to get an awesomely dyed look with your dreadlocks.

Tips for Dying Dreadlocks:

  • Avoid dying your hair immediately after dreading. It’s recommended that you wait 2-3 months minimum after dreading your hair to dye to dye it.
  • Use a high-quality hair dye. This tip is pretty much self-explanatory. Cheap hair dyes have a tendency to leave streaks and other visible imperfections behind, whereas premium, high-quality dyes create a full and complete appearance.
  • Use caution when bleaching dreadlocks, as too much bleach may damage your hair to the point where dreads can literally break off.
  • Double-up on hair dye for dreadlocks. A single application of hair dye typically isn’t enough to cover all of the hair. You may two or even three applications to fully dye your dreadlocks.
  • Wash your dreadlocks before dying them. Oils produced by your scalp may create a barrier around your dreadlocks, preventing the hair dye from reaching them. You can clean these oils away, however, by washing your dreadlocks before attempting to dye them.

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  1. I am interested in dyeing my dark brown loc tips to a much lighter color. I know that the article that I just read here says that it is possible. I would like to know what dyes you recommend. What procedure you recommend for going from dark hair to lighter hair.

    Thank you in advance for you help.

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