People with dreads always get a stigma. You have tons of stereotypes fighting against you by just doing your hair a certain way. While these attitudes are changing more and more with the society of inclusion people are trying to create, you will always deal with a few individuals who might think something different of you than you are trying to portray.

In reality, getting dreads always comes down to a personal choice based on style and personality. Nothing more, nothing less. Dreads are a big investment, and there also seems to be a lot of misunderstanding It’s important to take a closer look at a few of these stereotypes and set them straight once and for all.

Stereotype 1: You all use crazy stuff in your hair.

Though there are certain products that dread heads may want to use, in all honesty, people with dreads aren’t using anything more exotic than people without dreads. There are plenty of common products between people with and without dreads.

This stereotype falls flat because people without dreads seem to be more likely to put crazy stuff in their hair. Products like excess oils, eggs and egg yolks, avocado, and more. People with dreads rarely use these items and on a wild day might use a bit of wax to tighten things up.

Stereotype 2: That all dreads smell bad.

Again, this stereotype falls short for most people with dreads because if you take care of them, they are much less likely to smell bad.

That being said, the people who do mess up their dreads by sleeping with them wet or using too much wax which holds in way too much moisture making your dreads moldy. There are only a few ways you can make your dreads smell bad, and there are so many ways to keep them from being smelly. Washing when necessary, using the right products in the right amounts, keeping them tight and tidy, and never sleeping with them wet are just a few.

Stereotype 3: That you never wash your hair.

Now, if this were true, stereotype two would be true, but this isn’t the case. People with dreads do wash their hair. Maybe not every day, and maybe not even every other day, but when your hair is in knots, washing it will loosen things up which could cause issues. Plus, dreads don’t need to be moisturized as often as non-dreaded hair and can actually cause problems if they hold too much moisture.

Depending on the person and the hair type and texture, people with dreads will wash their hair a few times a week is all. That’s really all that is necessary. You want to find the balance between keeping them dry, so they continue to knot and tighten as they grow and also making sure they are clean and moisturized so they are shiny and healthy-looking.

Stereotype 4: That we just cut them off when we want a change.

It doesn’t always work like that. While there are examples of people being tired of their dreads and shaving them off, dreads in themselves are an investment, and most people know that going into the process. You have to realize that by putting your hair is continuous knots that it’s something that will be present for a while.

Since they know what they are getting into, people who get dreads also have an idea of how they want their dreads to look. Sometimes, to achieve that look, it might take months or even years. They go into the dread journey knowing that time will likely be on their side.

However, it’s also untrue that shaving is the only option out of having dreadlocks. The diligent ones will comb them out or stop tightening them for a few months and trim off the ends while combing out the rest. There are a few methods to remove dreads that aren’t shaving so it’s not quite as permanent as one might think.

While stereotypes exist for plenty of styles and groups of people, it’s a dreaded duty to try and set the record straight. Getting dreads is and always will be a big decision but the stereotypes have proven ineffective in making people want dreads less. Since most of them are completely untrue, setting a good example of a great head of dreads is the best way to spread the positive word.

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