“De-fuzzying” Your Dreads

Whether you’re in the early stages of your dreadlocks or have had them for years, you have no doubt had a case of the “dreadlock fuzzies” at some point. This is when you see a halo of stray, loose hair surrounding your head. They don’t quite make it into the surrounding dreads, but prefer to poke out every which way of their own. First of all, I have to be honest up front and let you know that dealing with these loose hairs will probably be part of your dreadlock maintenance routine, but they almost always reappear. It requires constant care, but that’s the different between having good locks, and having great locks. Fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to clean things up for the time being.

“De-Fuzzying” Technique #1: Good Old Scissors

Simply take a pair of scissors and gently clip away the fuzzy loose hair that are poking out of your dreadlocks. But be careful not to cut into any actual dreads, and take it easy on the hair closer to the scalp that may want to eventually lock themselves into the dread.It’s one of the easiest and quickest steps to do that yields instant gratification, and will tidy you up for up to a good couple months at a time, if you do it correctly.

“De-Fuzzying” Technique #2: Crochet the Loose Hairs Back In

This requires a bit more elbow grease, but is great if you have larger chunks of renegade loose hair that doesn’t want to join the surrounding dreads on their own. You can use either your fingers to grab the loose hairs and manually pull it through the base of the closest dread, or you can use a crochet hook (I use my fingers, but I’ve been doing it for years).

Watch this video by Skillteacher to see how it works with a crochet needle.


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