Tightening Dreads

The Crochet Method

If you’re familiar with the crocheting method I discussed on the De-Fuzzying Your Dreads Page , than I’ve got some good news for you; you already know a popular  technique to tighten your dreads. You heard me right. Many use the “crocheting” method to tighten their dreads, and they do it with bare fingers or a crochet needle. This technique is great for taking care of loose, messy roots, which is what I mainly use it for.

IMPORTANT: Do not over-tighten your locks, or it can lead to thinning of the hair at that location. I repeat: DO NOT over-tighten your locks. Some salons like to promote the open-scalp look of over-tightened dreads, but it’s just not healthy for your hair follicles. It’s an epidemic among African Americans, but can strike any over-zealous dready.

Palm Rolling and Finger Rolling

If you have knots in your dreads that are ready to be compressed, palm rolling is also an effective technique, especially if it is early in your dread journey and you are using a bit of wax. If you can do it a little every day, it will definitely work out in your favor. With palm and finger rolling, it works those loose hairs into the dreads, and tightens the dread itself. In the end, it will help your dread look neater as it matures.

Doing it is simple: place your dread between your palms, (or fingers, if you’re finger rolling) which are facing each other, and roll the dreadlock back and forth like putty. Keep up this motion for 20-30 seconds, and then move on to the next dreadlock. Here is a palm rolling demonstration by Heyzorgzilla, who is quite entertaining, I might add:


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