Help! How to Get Dreadlocks Out!

Why would you want to do that?? Alright fine, we’ll discuss that here if you are SURE that’s the direction you want to go.

How To Safely Take Out Dreadlocks

Removing dreadlocks can be tricky. Do it wrong and you can end up with bald patches, or cut or broken strands of hair. Do it right and your hair will be as healthy as it was before your dreadlocks. This article will discuss how you can take out dreadlocks without also taking out your hair.

Of course, we should mention that the easiest way to remove dreadlocks is simply to use scissors to cut just below where your hair starts dreading….or, you could shave your head (pause as the audience gasps). That will not only be easiest, but also fastest. But not everyone wants to shave their heads, so we will discuss another method that involves saving your hair.

First, consider your hair’s natural texture; whether it is straight or kinky, or somewhere in between. Also, consider the type of dreadlocks that you have. How tight are they? Two strand twists are a different animal than free-formed 0r comb coil dreads.

Conditioner Is Your Friend.

To begin, completely and liberally saturate your hair with conditioner. Conditioners that contain balsam work well because they help soften the dreads. If your dreads are thick, squeeze and massage the conditioner into each lock until they are thoroughly saturated.

Rinse your hair, but not completely. You want to leave a light film of conditioner in your hair.

Be Patient

Using a pointy end of a rat’s tail comb, start untangling each lock, being careful not to pull out knots of hair. Just so you know up front, this will be a very time consuming project, so don’t forget to take breaks. Relax your arms as needed, or eat a snack. If you can get any family or friends to help you, go for it.

Be sure to keep your hair damp as you take out dreadlocks. If needed, use a spray bottle to spritz your hair as it starts to dry.

If you have trouble unraveling the locks, try repeating the conditioning step. You may not have used enough conditioner initially, or you may not have left enough in when you rinsed it out.

Don’t Freak Out

Do not freak out if you find that you end up with a lot of loose, broken hairs. Much of the hair that you would normally shed on a daily basis is actually trapped into your dreads to hold it together, so naturally, when you unlock your dreads, those hairs will fall out. I repeat: those loose hairs will fall out.

Many people find that metal combs work better than plastic rat-tailed combs. If you are using a plastic one but not making much progress, go out and invest in a metal one, but be as gentle as possible while still being effective.

So, there you have it! It is possible to remove dreadlocks without shaving your hair, although it ain’t easy, but it has been done. The above steps will help you achieve this goal.

Here’s a demonstration video for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks, Libbaration for the video! You demonstrate what, up until a few years ago, was considered nearly impossible.





Have you removed your dreads in a different way and want to share it with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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