Preparing Your Hair for Dreadlocks

If you want to be on the ball, it’s best to prepare your scalp and hair for the dreadlock transition that’s about to take place.

Stop with Conditioners

If you keep with the conditioners, it will make the dreading process that much more difficult because softer hair locks up slower. Simple as that. Stop using them 1-2 months prior to you starting your dreadlocks.

Start Using a Quality Clarifying Shampoo

It’s best practice to get all of the crap and residue out of your hair before you decide to lock it. This will definitely help the process to faster. Again, 1-2 months before you dread things up, start using a clarifying shampoo. That means it takes all of the dirt out of your hair, and puts nothing in. DO NOT go for tempting shampoos the volumize your hair and make it shiny. Why? Because it’s leaving behind residue and chemicals in your hair that will hinder the dreading process for you later.

Stop with the Perms (for African American hair textures)

Yes, you African American ladies and gentlemen, it’s best practice to quite the perms that make your hair straight. If you’re really planning ahead, you should get your last perm a good two months before you start the dreadlocking process. That’s what I did.

Bleaching and Coloring

It’s depends on your preference. Do you want to go chemical free, or do you want creative colors? However, for people with naturally straight hair, if you want to bleach your hair before you start dreading it, the dryness may actually help it all lock up faster.

Stop Eating Crap

That’s right, food comes into play here too. If you’re eating a healthy, nutritious diet, it will make your hair stronger and healthier, which all leads to a more impressive, lion-like mane. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids, like wild Alaskan salmon, will help improve the overall health of your hair.

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