Method 3: Starting Dreadlocks with Braids

Many people use braids to start their dreads, and it’s fairly simple. Now that I think about, back when I was in middle school, I once wore braids too long in my hair, and it starting dreading on its own, which freaked me out at the time.

However, I would personally not recommend starting dreadlocks this way, because, for me, there were other more effective techniques. But some people love it and the technique is so simple, so I decided to include it. Watch this video from Lilly of the Geeks (love that name, by the way). He’s starting his dreadlocks with braids, and even mentions a few mistakes he made:

Advantages: This is pretty obvious, but using braids allows you to evenly section your hair, which gives you direct control over the size of your dreads (extremely important down the line).

Disadvantages: From an aesthetic standpoint braids do get fuzzy after a couple washes. And once your dreads grow in, you will indeed have two different textures on your head. You’ll be half dreaded, half braided anomaly! Just saying.


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