6844652248_da2f8cc4e2_zDreadlocks: Fighting the Frizz

Hair frizz is something that nearly everyone will experience at some point in their lives, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. You may go to bed with a well-manicured head of hair, only to wake up and discover that it’s a frizzy mess. Normally, frizz is easily controlled by brushing and combing, but how are you supposed to control it with dreadlocks? For some helpful tips on how to fight the dreadlock frizz, keep reading.

Control Stray Hair

One of the most common causes of dreadlock frizz is the growth of stray hairs outside the locks. Assuming you dreaded your hair the right way (note: check out our dreadlocks tutorials), most of your new hair should naturally grow within the locks. On occasion, however, some loose hairs may grow outside the locks, creating the appearance of frizz. When this occurs, you should guide the stray hairs back into nearby locks, encouraging them to grow in a more controlled manner while preventing the dreaded “frizz.”

Beware of Hair Products!

Another common cause of dreadlock frizz is the overuse of shampoo, condition, oils, and other hair-care products. How can products such as these cause and contribute to frizz? Assuming you use them sparingly, they shouldn’t cause frizz. However, some men and women use hair-care products on their dreads daily, sometimes even multiple times per day. As a result, it strips the hair of its natural moisture, causing it to dry out. And when hair becomes excessively dry, it’s more susceptible to frizz. If you are going to use products on your dreads, keep them to a minimum and choose natural/organic products over the heavy chemical-based ones.

Focus on the Outside of Your Dreads

The great thing about having dreadlocks is that when frizz occurs, you really only have to worry about the outside of the locks. Once the outside of your dreads are under control, you shouldn’t notice any frizz. Now for the million-dollar question: how to I eliminate frizz on the outside of my dreads? When used in moderation (the keyword being moderation), all-natural coconut oil can prove to be highly effective. It will coat your dreadlocks with the organic, nutrient-rich oil from coconuts, moisturizing and protecting it from damage. The added moisture will in turn prevent frizz from occurring, giving you full control over your hair once again.

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