6779202055_862178e192_zDreadlocks for People with Short Hair: Is it Possible?

Looking to transition your hair style to dreadlocks? Generally speaking, the longer your hair, the better. Long hair is easier to twist into locks, and it’s less likely to fall out. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that men and women with short hair cannot have dreadlocks.

Head’s Up: Dreadlocks Shrink During the First Year

It’s important to note that dreadlocks will shrink during the first year or two. As a result, they may look shorter than when you actually made them. Many beauticians and hair stylists recommend waiting until your hair is roughly 2x the “desired” length before creating dreadlocks. In case you don’t feel like waiting around for your hair to grow, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Tips to Encourage Faster Hair Growth

The speed at which your hair grows is directly impacted by your diet. If you consume processed foods on a daily basis (e.g. fast food, chips, snack crackers, etc.), your body won’t receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow long, healthy hair. To encourage faster hair growth, base your diet around lean meats like chicken and fish, along with fresh vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. The more natural the food, the better.

Need another reason to get a massage? Here’s one: having your scalp massaged can encourage faster hair growth. It may sound unusual, but massage stimulated blood flow, which in turn allows more nutrients to be transported to your scalp. And when your scalp receives more nutrients, your hair will grow faster and look healthier.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure your hair is moisturized in the weeks and days leading up to your dreadlocks. When hair is too dry, it becomes frail, brittle, and prone to breakage. Use a high-quality shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to hydrate your hair.

Twist-and-Rip Method

There are numerous ways to create dreadlocks, but if you have short hair the best method is probably the twist-and-rip. This technique involves the creation of “sections” of hair and then twisting them into locks (hence the name). Each section of hair is twisted and then pulled through the opposite end. It’s a quick and easy technique that works for all hair lengths and styles, including people with short hair. And if you aren’t comfortable performing the twist-and-rip method on your own head, find a beautician to do it for you.


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