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Maybe you’re upholding a resolution or you’re an athlete by nature, either way, workouts, and sweat can take a toll on your dreads. Taking the right measures will help make your workouts better and keep your dreads, that you’ve worked so hard to get, healthy and clean.

Lots of people make these mistakes when they workout with dreads that can cause damage and don’t allow you to do the kind of workouts you want. They might leave their dreads loose. This is a bad idea because it can be a bit painful for you and could also cause breakage. 

Similarly, some people will wear a hat when they workout and leave it on for too long. This is bad because your dreads hold the sweat and don’t get the chance to breathe. Before your next workout, make sure you are considering these tips.

Protect Them From Sweat

When you do a workout, you will probably sweat. What you might not know is that sweat is terrible for dreads and can even seep into them and cause them to smell!  To protect your dreads from sweat, you want to ensure that you aren’t always wearing a hat when you work out and are washing them soon after the workout.

When it comes to washing and working out, it can require an adjustment of schedule to ensure that your dreads don’t have any build up but also don’t stay wet for too long. It can be challenging to make sure that your dreads are taken care of when you are working out every day.

Hairstyles for Hard Workouts

There are some hairstyles with dreads that work really well when working out and some that do not. First and foremost, don’t leave your dreads down if you plan on working out for an extended period- especially if it is rigorous exercise. The movement, shaking, and bouncing can cause breakage at the roots of your hair and the dreads flying around could hit you in the face which never feels great.

Instead, try using a tie or rubber band to tie them back into one chunk near the nape of your neck. Tying it all back will pull your hair all away from your face and keep it from bouncing too much. If that doesn’t work due to hair length or other factors, you can also wrap your dreads into a bun on top of your head. This also pulls them away from the face and eliminates the bouncing altogether.

Similarly, another great hairstyle for short to medium length dreads is tying the top half up on top of your head or back on the crown of your head and letting the lower half of your hair swing freely. All of these hairstyles have their benefits and drawbacks, but experimenting with each of them to find what feels most comfortable and most efficient will be the best way to ensure a great workout with your dreads.

Best Dread Workout Accessories

Along with various hairstyles during a workout, there are some accessories that you can purchase for your dreads that will also help keep them healthy and clean.

First and foremost is the classic headband. In reality, any headband will work, but not all headbands are created equal. There have been advancements that will keep your headbands in place better, they will keep from stretching too much, and they will actually absorb sweat and protect you from the sun.

Along with headbands, scarves are also an excellent choice for workouts. Silk scarves will eliminate the issues of loose hair and will help prevent frizz during an exercise session while scarves of other types will absorb sweat better to keep it from collecting at your roots.Both types of scarves are ideal for different reasons and will be a great asset to your workout gear.

Dreads are complicated in that they do require you to adjust your lifestyle to them in a few small ways, but you should never sacrifice working out and staying healthy because of your dreads. There are ways to workout comfortably and healthily by using this guide. Do your research to find what method works for you and what accessories would be most helpful.

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