Now, you might be toying around with the idea of dreads because, in all honesty, they are becoming more and more popular and there are so many ways to style them today.

However, getting real dreadlocks is a commitment. We would never want to downplay the time it takes to get them and the fact that they do, in fact, require maintenance over time. With some ingenuity and creativity, we can basically do anything with dreads now.

Lucky for those that may be on the fence about getting dreads for the real deal, there is an alternative you can use as a test run. They are called Synthetic Dreads.

Synthetic dreads can be made of either real or fake hair and are basically dreaded pieces. They are used and put in by finding the halfway point along the very long singular dread piece and using small sections of your own hair and braiding them in. You can hold them together with a rubber band or bead and with a little time, you have temporary dreads.

There are some key differences in both how these dreads operate compared to real dreads and how they are treated. Let’s take a closer look at Synthetic Dreads and how they differ from the real deal.

1. They are temporary. Though this should be obvious, it’s the number one draw to a synthetic dread. Though they can be kept in for longer periods, sometimes weeks at a time, they can also be in for periods as short as a weekend.

2. They still take time. Not nearly as much as putting in a full set of actual dreads, but they still take time. They require a few hours and maybe even a friend to help get them sectioned and braided to look natural.

3. You can still wash them. Even if they aren’t real hair, you will still feel the desire to wash them if you keep them for a solid period of time. Though, just like regular dreads, stylists don’t always recommend washing them often. Frizz, our old friend, will run rampant with too much washing.

4. Stylish without the permanence. Maybe the best part about the Synthetic route is that they are super stylish and you can change them out with a little effort. They come in wild colors and lengths and will give you a good idea of what real dreads might be like if you’re thinking about trying them out.

Though Synthetic Dreads have numerous benefits, they are costly and since you have to put them in and remove them often, they take time as well, whereas with real dreads they don’t cost much other than a few supplies and it’s a process that you have to endure just one time for a while. If you’re considering real dreadlocks and flirting with the idea of having them full time, synthetics might be a safe route to try first.

You get the best of both worlds, a chance to actually experience dreads, and just might fall in love with them.

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