Though there are much more than just four reasons, it’s pretty clear that dreads are an awesome hairstyle that has tons of benefits for you, but just how awesome are they?

Dreads do a lot of good things. They start good conversations, educate people, and give you the style that you have always wanted, what more could you ask for? Dreads are an offbeat style that catches attention and have a really relaxed vibe about them. They are easy to care for, easy on the budget, and overall just a lot of fun to have once you know what you’re doing.

1. Low maintenance

One of the first and most important reasons why dreads rock is that they are so much more low-maintenance than non-dreaded hair. No more blow drying every day, no more curling or straightening it every day for work or school. A little rearranging and/or a quick and easy accessory is all you need to master the dreadlock morning routine.

They are easy to care for because they don’t require any crazy gels or special hair masks to stay healthy. A wash every now and then and a tightening will keep your dreads in great shape for a long time.

2. Low cost

In continuation of the first point, since dreads are such low maintenance, they are also really low cost. The initial dreading might cost some money if you had it professionally done and the new clarifying shampoo to get started but those two items will almost last your entire dread journey. A small comb for tightening and the choice of hundreds of accessories to use or not to use keep dreadlocks extremely low cost.

There are a ton of reasons why this factor alone should explain how awesome dreadlocks are. No more haircuts every three weeks at your expensive stylist. No more deep-cleans or color touch-ups to up the cost of just a regular visit. No more overpriced products full of chemicals galore. Dreads are easy to take care of and are cheap to have.

3. High Creativity

Any creativity you were missing by having dreads goes away when you realize that you actually have lots of styling options and ways to spice up a “boring” hairstyle. With dreads, options are just as limitless as with non-dreaded hair and you will have the choice of permanent or non-permanent choices too.

More permanent options include dramatic cuts in your style or adding a color to your dreads. These may cost you more money, but the style doesn’t end there. A few non-permanent options are beads, yarn, or ribbons can be wrapped around dreads to add color and texture.

Plus, there’s also a huge variety of awesome headbands, headscarves, or hats that can totally change the look of your dreads. The best part of it all? These are easy to change from day to day!

4. Easy Styles

Along with creativity comes the worry of spending too much time decorating your dreads and then they aren’t as low maintenance as you thought they were. While this does happen, and people do go overboard with their dread additions, overall dreads are so easy to style.

The only necessity you need on your person when you have dreads is a strong rubber band or hair tie. You can easily throw it into a ponytail or a bun to get it off your neck or out of the way during a sport. The same applies for a half-up do. It will pull them away from your face so you aren’t constantly touching them or moving them. And maybe one of the easiest is simply putting a headband around your head to hold them back.

You have just as many options with your styling as those do with non-dreaded hair only for you, it takes a lot less time!

Dreads aren’t for everyone, you know that, but there are way more reasons to give dreads a try than there are reasons not to. If you have been on the fence about trying them and have been doing your research, take the advice above and understand that by getting dreads you are not giving up anything. You are simply changing the styles, routines, and options you have for your hair. The styles, routines, and options don’t go away when you get dreads.

Having dreadlocks can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Good maintenance practices and good hygiene will give your dreads a great glow and will help them last for years. So, let’s see it. We would love to see you post a comment with your favorite dread style. Plus, we could all use a little inspiration, right?

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