four rumors about dreads

Dreadlocks are one of the most complicated and misunderstood hairstyles in far and recent history. They came from various origins and are said to mean different things but as they become more and more popular, those of you with dreads must be the spokespeople to help everyone understand the history and dispel the rumors that continually surface after the years.

Rumor #1: You Can’t Wash Them.

One of the most confusing parts of having dreads is when people ask you about washing them. There is this consistent, yet unfounded, believe that people with dreads don’t wash them and there are a few reasons this might be the case. Dreads don’t look the same way non-dreaded hair looks. They are rarely silky smooth and often don’t have the same shine and sheen that natural hair does, but this is exactly the point of dreadlocks.

Dreads do get washed. Not as often and with specific products, but dreadlocks, just like any other hairstyle, type, color, or texture, must be washed carefully to ensure they grow and are healthy.

Rumor #2: They Dread When You Don’t Brush Your Hair.

Dreadlocks can be made in a variety of ways, not just avoiding brushing your hair. While this method does work- loosely – it’s a rumor that not brushing your hair will inevitably end up in full-blown dreadlocks. If you stop brushing your hair, getting dreadlocks will be the least of your concerns.

While this is one way, although not ideal, to get dreads, there are many more. You can twist and rip, roll, braid, and crochet dreads so each of them will be a different shape, size, and style. With so many options – and much better options – getting dreads because you aren’t brushing your hair is not the best way.

Rumor #3: They are Rotten.

The third rumor you will probably hear about dreads is that they are rotten. Truth be told, this has only happened a few times and evidently, it’s made a huge impact of the people in and around the dreadlock community. There have only been a few examples of rotten dreadlocks, so first you need to truly understand how it happens and how to avoid it.

Rotten dreadlocks are a result of poor, poor care and maintenance. When it comes to dreads, washing, and cleaning is highly important. Along with that, making sure your hair is dry is also important. To avoid rotten dreadlocks, it’s simple. Don’t wash your dreads with products that are going to get stuck in your hair and always let your hair fully dry before you sleep or put on a hat. It takes more effort to get rotten dreads than it takes to avoid them.

Rumor #4: Removed Happens by Shaving.

One of the last popular rumors that come along is that the only way you can get rid of your dreads is by shaving your head completely. Unfortunately, this rumor also keeps so many people from trying dreads for the first time due to the misinformation. However, this is far from the truth. While shaving your head is one way to get rid of your dreads, it is certainly not the only way.

There are now various ways to remove your dreadlocks if you so choose. You can grow out the roots for a while and then periodically trim off the dreadlocks over time, you can brush them out with a metal brush, or you can let them untangle and loosen without interference until you feel you are ready to finally cut them free. Don’t let the fear of inevitably shaving your head keep you in fear of getting dreadlocks. If you’re still not sure, you can try partial dreads, braids, or even synthetic dreads a try.

Don’t allow rumors and misinformation to keep you from trying something new. Dreadlocks are becoming more and more popular and with that comes greater knowledge, better tools to help take care of them, and higher quality products to cleanse them. Ditch the rumors and do your research to see if dreads are right for you.

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