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Now that you have dreads, you have to do your very best to take care of them or else things will go sour very, very quickly. Once you get dreads, the effort does not stop. In fact, you need to work hard to build a routine and a pattern of care for your dreadlocks to ensure they look and feel the best that they possibly can.

1. Washing Too Little

The first and most common issue is thinking that once you get dreads, you can stop washing them and taking care of your hair in general. This is so far from the truth and if you do this, it will not yield the results that you want.

When you start living with dreadlocks, you need to start with a washing routine in mind. With a routine, you will need to analyze your own routine first. How often are you going to work? How often to do you exercise or workout? These are the start of the questions to ensure that you are building a washing routine that will work with your lifestyle already.

2. Ignoring the Growth

Another key component is ignoring when your dreads are growing out. The roots of your hair will continue to grow and if you want to keep your dreads in good shape, you will need to give those roots some much-needed attention.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to take time each month since growing happens a lot during a month, is to use a crochet hook and your hands to tighten the roots each time you notice them growing out. This will keep the roots tight and will eliminate the cause for either breakage or loosening of dread of the passing of time.

3. Covering Them Up

Another issue that you can be doing when you neglect your dreads is covering them up too often. One of the biggest problems occurs during the winter. You wear hats, hoods, and more and when they are covered too much there are a number of problems you can have.

The scalp won’t have the chance to breathe as often while you are under the cover of a hat, for example. This can dry out your scalp, or in the opposite effect, your hair will hold onto too much moisture from sweat and cause an oily scalp. Neither of which are great options. Similarly, frizz is a hats best friend and you need to be cautious about hats causing frizz that doesn’t look the way you want.

4. Too Much Extra Product

Finally, maybe one of the biggest issues with anyone who has hair is the overuse of products. Specifically, with dreadlocks, this issue can be much worse and much more damaging of a problem. When you use too many products, your hair will start to take in the product and could ruin the entire texture of the dreadlock.

This is bad for a number of reasons because it will lose it’s shine and will often cause you to use more products to get rid of the other products you have used and fall into an endless cycle. Dreads are best dealt with a few tools, very few products, and a lot of natural care and maintenance.

If you find yourself falling into one of these categories then take note. If you want your dreads to be clean, healthy, shiny and great-looking you must be careful to avoid neglecting them without even knowing it.

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