Frizz is and will always be in the conversation when it comes to any hairstyle you choose. This menace of a hair condition that everyone except blondes with stick-straight hair in California have to deal with is just our hair’s natural reaction to either too much or too little moisture in the right places.

If you didn’t already know, there are tons, TONS, of hair products out there that will fight your frizz, but some of us are sick of having to coat our hair in twenty different products just to be able to walk outside in rain, sleet, or shine.

Well, turns out there are a few ways you can fight frizz without squeezing anything out of a bottle. These tips can work for literally any hair type. And another bonus is that they won’t cost you money month after month for refills.

1. Stop with the brushing. Just stop already. We understand that when times get tough we have to resort to brushing things. If you can, at all costs, put the brush down. Obviously, those with dreads have this rule down-pat, but we all have a tendency to get a little rough with our hair when we have a brush or comb in our hand. Take a step away from the brush and switch to fingering your way through your locks.

This is just one, super easy, way to start to eliminate your frizz.

2. Micro-fiber is your friend. Oh, you’ve been using a regular towel to dry your hair? Do you leave your towel in for hours while it dries after the shower? That’s a no-no. Those regular cotton towels actually cause frizz because as you shake it over your head, it starts to separate the little, tiny hairs and that’s where frizz is born.

Instead, try investing in a micro-fiber towel. They are soft, easy on your hair, and are the cost of a regular towel- so pretty cheap. Another good rule of thumb, for any type of towel, is to dry it a little and then let the air do the rest.

3. Silk is sexy. Silk is something that has been proven to fight frizz since, well, forever. It’s just smooth, soft, and, for lack of a better word, silky. This fabric doesn’t have the lumpy fibers that catch tiny hairs that cause them to dry quicker, get damaged, or stand up on end.

Silk makes a great cloth for numerous uses. The most obvious is scarves. Silk scarves are beautiful, comfortable, and great for your hair. Wear them anytime you want, heck, even to bed! That’s right. You can sleep with a silk scarf on to protect your head and hair while you toss and turn.

No interested in sleeping with something on your head? Fear not; try a silk pillowcase. Not only are they much nicer to your hair, they stay cool and keep those weird lines from creasing on your face after a good napping session.


Buying hair products can be annoying, costly, and risky. Instead of resorting only to products to help your fuzzy dilemma, try these tricks at home and watch the improvement over time as your hair starts to thank you by hugging your scalp instead of looking like it wants to get far, far away from you.

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