6296005616_6dd561935b_zHow Often Should I Wash My Dreadlocks?

Few hairstyles (if any) offer the same level of style and uniqueness as dreadlocks. Men and women from numerous cultures throughout the world have been sporting dreads, with some of the earliest known reports dating back to Ancient Greece 615-485 BC. But like all hairstyles, dreadlocks requites some routine maintenance to preserve its fashionable appearance. This has many first-timers asking the following: how often should I wash my dreadlocks?

Thick or Thin Hair?

To better answer the question on hand, you must first identify your specific hair type. Hair types usually fall under the category of being either thick or thin. Dreadlocks that consist of thin hair usually require more frequent washing, simply because the natural oils produced by your scalp will weight them down. If you fail to wash your dreads on a regular basis, and you have thin hair, it will begin to look slick and oily — something that most men and women want to avoid. If you have thick hair, however, your dreadlocks can go for a bit longer without washing.

Oily, Dry or Somewhere in Between?

Of course, you’ll also need to determine the “oiliness” of your hair. People with exceptionally oily hair must wash their dreadlocks more frequently than people with dry hair. Attempting to wash dry hair on a daily basis may cause further dryness my stripping away the minimal amount of oil that’s currently protecting your hair.

Watch and Observe

Unfortunately, there’s really no easy answer to the question of how often you should wash your dreads. Because each and every person is different, the frequency of washing will vary depending on a number of different factors. With that said, you can usually tell when it’s time to wash your dreadlocks simply by looking at them. Pay attention to your dreadlocks after you wash them, looking for signs of frizz, oil sheen and dryness. If you notice your dreadlocks developing an oily tint, then it’s probably time to wash them.

Regardless of how often you choose to wash your dreadlocks, make sure you are using a nutrient-rich shampoo. Opting for a cheap shampoo isn’t going to cut it. It may save you a couple of bucks, but it will place your hair at risk for dryness, split-ends, and other forms of damage. Stick with a premium, organic shampoo that contains essential vitamins and nutrients.


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