Dreads are such a diverse and versatile hairstyle, but there are so many options for hairstyles alone, that choosing one can be challenging. However, even wearing your dreads down can be a style in itself if you know how to make your dreads pop.

There are plenty of things you can put into your dreadlocks to bring color and style to your dreadlocks that will make you want to wear them down all the time. Wearing them down and without ties or hats or other accessories is actually good for your dreads and your scalp. When you wear them down you let them fall naturally where they might and avoid breakage and frizz from rubber bands, ties, or headbands.


Beads are one of the coolest ways and maybe the most popular trends to add to your dreads. There are tons of things you can do with dreads. Literally, tons! But beads are definitely one of the most stylish things you can do.

To input beads onto your dreads, first, you will find some beads that you will like. There are plenty of places to find dreadlock beads from online sources to salons where they do dreadlock styles often. In these places, you can find beads ranging in size, color, shape, and material. Some of the most popular dread beads are thick and made of metal or wood. They add a hint of color with minimal design.


The second style you can use to change the look of your dreadlocks when they are down is by coloring them. There are so many colors that it would be impossible to list them all, but any color will change the look and style.

Adding color to your hair requires a few considerations though. First, if you have any other hair color than blonde, you will need to most likely bleach the section you want to color blonde so that a color will stick in the hair. Therefore, this will almost double the time, and cost if you are paying for it, to get the colors you want.

Next, coloring your hair often is not advisable. Dreadlocks are somewhat damaged already being knotted and ripped together into a column of hair and adding chemicals of any kind will further damage it. It would be wise for you to color your dreads only partially or fully but on the rare occasion. Maybe not changing the color every week and just doing touch-ups every few months until you’re ready for the next big change.

Hair Accessories

Finally, the least intrusive way to add pop and style to your dreadlock is with accessories. Similar to beads, these kinds of accessories can be easy to add and remove, which is ideal for someone who changes their style often or doesn’t want the commitment of a style long-term.

These accessories can include scarves or headbands. These add color and function to a hairstyle because they come in many patterns that are easy to match which your daily clothes and also some protection from weather, sweat, or even sun.

Added accessories can also be ribbon or string being wrapped around or woven into dreadlocks for a really edgy look. As well as clip-in danglers. Similar to beads, but more complex, clip-ins wrap around one part of your dread and either dangle a single charm or have chains that can be attached to other dreads as well.

It’s highly encouraged that you try each of these styles to your comfort level to find what items or colors work best for you. It’s also important to understand that with each of these changes will come different reactions. Some beads or clip-ins will gain certain positive and negative attention as well as certain color choices in your dreadlocks. However you choose to style your hair, there are more options that you think and with some creativity and inspiration, your dreadlocks can be as unique as you are.

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