sleeping-bed-01How To Sleep With Dreadlocks: Tips For Newcomers

Now that you’re sporting some fresh dreadlocks, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to sleep them. Dreadlocks require special care to preserve the appearance of well-manicured “locks” rather than tangles. Sleeping on your dreads the wrong way could result in a twisted mess, and furthermore it can even dry out your hair. If you’re still scratching your head (no pun intended) trying to figure out how to sleep with dreads, keep reading for some helpful tips.

It’s important to note that new dreadlocks are more susceptible to the effects of sleeping than older, more mature dreads. When you first begin to dread your hair, there’s a greater risk for the locks becoming undone as you sleep. This is something that will naturally go away as your dreads become thicker and stronger, but in the meantime you can preserve them by taking some basic precautionary measures.

Clean Your Pillows and Sheets

Dreadlocks are like magnets for lint, dust and debris, which is why it’s a good idea to clean your bed before laying down to sleep. You don’t have to necessarily wash your sheets each and every night, but you should remove any visible lint or dust on the pillows. Doing so will ensure you wake up the following morning with a clean, lint-free head of dreads. This is easily accomplished by running a lint roller over your pillows, leaving them nice and clean.

Cover Your Dreads

Not everyone with dreads will experience this problem, but some people may go to sleep with clean dreads, only to wake up the following morning to discover they are a tangled mess. Sound familiar? If so, try wearing a hat, cap or nylon stocking to protect your dreads while you sleep. This will reduce the amount of “activity” your dreads see at nice, preserving their shape and overall appearance.

Another benefit of covering your dreads while you sleep is the simple fact that it locks in moisture. Hair dryness is one of the most common problems reported by men and women with dreadlocks. When hair loses its moisture, it becomes thinner and weaker while losing its natural luster. Sleeping with your dreads covered in a hat or cap, however, will prevent sebum (natural oils) from escaping; thus, keeping your dreads nice and moist. If you notice your dreads have too much moisture, try sleeping with your head covered one night and uncovered the next.

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  1. Friends & followers I had the intentions of growing my natural hair to terminal length and for 12 years going just fine.  I hit a plato so to speak about a year ago even though my head has been wrapped around being a natural Dready since I came out of military service and headed to college where I did hand roll my dreadlocks but didn’t have the energy to keep it up.  Somewhere along the line I lost the concentrated effort to follow through.  Long story short about a year ago (today is 1 day short of August 2016).  I had really long natural hair; but what the fuck am I supposed to do with long natural hair.  I imagine that anyone reading this will say keep growing it or since I am on the How do I sleep with dreads you must have anticipated the answer.  At the end of June I began to explore what living under Dreadlocks might mean to a changing lifestyle of an old hippie.  I had my full head of natural hair Dreaded on 6 July almost a month ago.  Damn it though I look so feral; my hairdresser said with a laugh that this is what we were going for and have achieved beyond my expectations for success.  Funny though in retro he had never done dreads before. this is the grand experiment in learning for both of us. Now a month into this I am so comfortable living under these dreads.  I shampoo regularly  at the scalp level and trade off with Baking soda & vinegar rinses.  I never leave the bathroom until I have used a blow dryer squeezing the dreads as dry as possible using a thick towel.  I have once a week of so used Coconut Oil and lightly palm roll as many as possible.  My Dread design is a Mohawk to the back of my ears.  The sides are long and thinner then pulled back into a kisser’s knot over the back half of the mohawk.  I am having a lot of fun with them and learning to care for them in the long run I know that they will be with me when I go 6 feet under when that time comes.  Now I need to learn how to wrap my dreads up for nighttime sleep.  I use a clean towel on the pillow each night and leaving them loose is what it is.  I am seeking advice from anyone who has positive input to share.

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